The Bag Shag -Easy Golf Ball Pickup

Any time spent at all practicing your short game requires your own golf balls and the means to pick them up, without braking your back. For quite a few years the Original Bag Shag has led the market in a bag to pick up golf balls. I have been playing for many years(50+) and started picking up balls by flipping them into my hand with my wedge, which is cool but 60 to 80 balls at a time. That get tiresome. I have worn out two bag shags and working on another


Like your clubs, you want the best for your game and that goes for your practice equipment as well. The Bag Shag has been around for many years and has proven its dependability in providing the player an excellent method of picking up golf balls.



The construction of the Bag Shag is what sets it apart from other shag bags. Heavy durable canvas material the makes up the holding area for the golf balls is a huge plus in withstanding the wear and tear.

Steel top and bottom plates provide extra support and prevents ripping of the canvas.

Access to the balls is by a brass zipper that is heavy-duty and will not break.

The pick up tube is aluminum and the springs and clips are of stainless steel and will not rust.

The formed handle fits nicely in your hand and is made of aluminum.


As with any practice session you want your time spent not picking up balls so the faster this is done and the ease of picking up the balls is paramount. The bag holds up to 80 golf balls that will provide you ample available balls for your practice session.


Yes, Made In The USA means a lot to me and the Original Bag Shag is just that US Made. All parts are top quality and will provide you with years of practice time with a bag you can depend on. All the other brand shag bags I have come across always fail with the spring clips and then the handle setup. Than, the material in the bag itself goes.


You will not go wrong with your new Original Bag Shag. Matched up against all the others it is far and above the best ball shag on the market.





Best Golf Club Storage – Stay Organized in the Garage

Golf Club Storage has not been a problem for me as I leave my clubs, rain gear, cold weather outer clothing in my van all year long. Those of you who can not do that the question is where do you put all that stuff when you are not at the course? Following, I have put together some good options for the purpose of keeping you clubs and other equipment in a central location and organized for easy access to grab and go. Most are intended to be used in your garage but I can see where any inside location would be a good place for these bag racks.

So Let’s get into this. They are not in any intended order of preference or cost because each of us will be looking for different solutions to our storage needs.

Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer

The Two Bag Golf Organizer is suited for the garage and capable of storing two golf bags and all your other equipment. A high-quality product by Bed Bath and Beyond it features a compact design that is sturdy and stable and easy to assemble. The frame is covered with a wire mesh screen. The downside of this unit is if you have those huge card bags it might be a little snug. Plus the construction is not quite as sturdy as some other units to follow.

Gallery 457 Metal Golf Bag Organizer

Sporting a powder-coated metal construction the Gallery 457 Metal organizer offers space for all your golf equipment. Two separate spaces for golf bags, with five extra shelves in between offering a clean and tidy look.

The Gallery 457 is easy to assemble and measures 39.75″ wide by 36″ high by 15″ deep. The bag shelf sits a couple inches above the ground. Twenty minute assemble with bolts protected by plastic bushings.

Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer

The Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer is a sturdy metal construction built to hold two bags and all your other equipment. Featuring just 4 middle shelves its still enough space to handle your needs. The assembled organizer measures 39″ x 36″ x 15″ fully assembled. Durable black paint finish with no sharp edges.

Another good quality bag storage unit that will fit you needs at an affordable price.

Dual Golf Bag, Gear and Equipment Storage Metal Organizer

Most of the units listed here have a wire mesh cladding however this unit is void of that and looks a little bare compared to the others. The frame is quite beefy and able to contain two golf bags.

The assembled unit measures 39″ x 36″ x 16″ and has four storage shelves in the middle. The bag locations are ample measuring 14 ” wide. The storage an adequate but do not have sides so this might me a drawback for some users.

Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer

The Suncast GO3216 is designed and well suited for garage our the interior of your home. Instead of a central shelf space it is located beside the space for two golf bags. Again the unit has four shelves and measures 32″ x 16″ x 37″

The model incorporates metal mesh in construction and it lends a well covered look to the organizer. The topmost shelf has sides to keep items from falling to floor. The unit also has adjustable feet for proper leveling on that slanted garage floor.

Bottom Line

All of the above are very good options to your storage and organizing needs for your golf bag and additional equipment. My list only contains a few options available but may provide you with some idea on what will best suit your needs.

Leave comments or suggestions as to your thoughts on my selections for golf bag storage organizers.

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8 Best Golf Ball Retrievers – To Help You Get Your Golf Ball Back

Have you ever stood on the edge of a lake or stream and spied your brand new $3.70 ball just inches from the reach of your longest club? I can almost reach it, while its looking back at you lauffing while you think I don’t want to get wet. Your answer is a Golf Ball Retriever, tucked in a side pocket or inserted in your bag alongside your clubs. In any event a ball retrievers is a must have especially playing on a course with a lot of water or some out-of-bounds with the ball just resting just beyond your reach as will.

Take a look at the following 10 best Golf Ball Retrievers on the market to get that ball back and save you some money on those tour balls you play.

Search and Rescue Retriever

The Search and Rescue Retriever employs two steel rings and a lock bar to grab your ball and hold it tight. No dropping your ball back into the water with this retriever. The body uses a special aluminum alloy with a powder coated finish that will withstand all environmental conditions without rusting.

To operate, you simply place the steel rings over or under the ball and apply some pressure and the lock bar secures the ball and you pull it in. The Search and Rescue Retriever comes with a cover that fits over the head to make it match all the clubs in you golf bag.

IGOTCHA The Biggest Golf Ball Retriever

In the case of the IGOTCHA, bigger is better. When extended you have a reach of 21 feet, but when collapsed it is just 46 inches long. Weighing in at just 25 ounces, this retriever fits inside any golf bag without taking space away from your clubs and not weighing you down.

A squeeze on the comfort grip helps to open and extend the head to wrap it around your ball for easy retrieval. No drops with this product as well.

Callaway Ball Retriever

Those Callaway fans will love the Callaway Ball Retriever on the green or in the water, where ever your golf ball lands. At 45-inches long it will fit nicely into your bag alongside your other Callaway clubs and matches up nicely with a Callaway head cover provide, as well.

A very nice hand grip of textured material takes the stress of holding the retriever. Made from an aluminum allow that will never bend, this retriever retains its strong shape during the longest of grabs.

IGOTCHA Executive 10FT Golf Ball Retriever

Another IGOTCHA model weighs in at only eight ounces and in the retracted state is just 15-inches long. At that size it can easily store in a side pocket of your bag. Extended, the Executive reaches a full 10-feet away.

With some pressure placed on the ball a spring mechanism on the end of the retriever pops up. This action helps the head wrap around your ball and keeps it in place as you pull the ball in. It works well with balls stuck in water, sand, dirt and even mud. No dropped golf balls here either.

PrideSports Universal Ball Retriever

The Universal Ball Retriever is designed to work like a scoop to pick up any ball, whether in the water or in the weeds. The Extended reach of 12-feet will save you dollars on balls you would have to leave as is,submerged in the water. The body of the Universal is made of durable aluminum alloy and has a bright orange color that is easy to see.

JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever

The JP Lann employs a pressure head that when pressed down on top of the ball it grips it for easy retrieval. The JP Lann comes in different sizes and designs but the best on is the 18-foot long model when full extended.

Made from anodized aluminum, the ball retriever has a comfort grip handle that takes the pressure off your hands and a bright orange head.

Seems to me not a sure thing that the ball will not drop out as you are retrieving your ball.

2M Golf Ball Retriever

The 2M golf Ball Retriever is made of durable stainless steel that is strong enough to stand up to common weather and environmental conditions without breaking or even bending. The use of stainless also helps reduce the overall weight of the retriever.

The 2M employs a scooping head to slip under the ball and retrieve. A locking mechanism adds to the gripping of the golf ball by pressure on the handle that drops a lock down onto the ball to secure it in the cup.

Signstek Brand New Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

The Signstek retriever extends to nearly 80-inches to help you retrieve those ball in water or other hazards. The Signstek is of stainless steel to bring down its overall weight, however it is quite durable and will keep the retriever in great shape after years of play.

The Signstek also employs a locking feature that automatically locks as soon as you gram the ball. No dropped golf balls with this product Again the grip handle is cushioned for comfort and feel.

Bottom Line

While all the above retrievers function well in all conditions remember you get what you pay for so choose wisely. It really depends on the courses you play on the type of retriever you purchase. If you are playing on courses with little water and your not in a lot of trouble in retrieving your ball than a less expensive retriever is just fine, However if you play around a lot of water and out of bounds and you are constantly loosing golf balls to those hazards the investment into one of the better retrievers will save in the long run on the price of golf balls saved from the dasterly water or other hazards.

If you like what you read or want to make a comment or suggestions on this topic, leave a comment below.

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The Best Golf Ball Pick up Device – To Save Your Back and Knees

Are you getting older and find you can’t touch your toes much less bend down another six inches to retrieve you golf ball from the cup? Or maybe you have some physical issue like bad back or knees or hips that keeps you from that long reach to reteieve your ball?

I have put together a few golf ball pick up devices that will make your game a little more enjoyable, not having to do the painful bend 18 plus times a round.

Scramble Pic Golf Ball Retriever with Magnetic

My number one pick is the Scramble Pic Golf Ball Retriever with Magnetic Golf Cart Fastener. This retriever main use is picking up golf balls without getting out of your cart. Its just the right length for this job and best usage during a scramble event. Not really made for retrieving a ball from the cup it will make the job a lot easier.

Very sturdily built with a suction cup on the end to grab the ball and a magnetic to attach to golf cart for easy storage and retrieval when needed.

Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-up

The Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-up fits almost any putter grip and highly engineered to retrieve your golf ball after a putt is made. The Nickel Putter Ball Pick-up is a far more superior alternative to the suction cup pick up. This discrete golf ball pick-up enables you to retrieve our golf ball without bending over. The Nickel ball puck-up attaches easily to almost every golf putter within minutes, by use of the hole in the butt-end of putter grip.

Opening for use requires a single thumb motion, and it closes just as easy. When not in use, the Ball Pick-up looks and feels like a natural extension of the golf putter’s shaft. The patented design allows golfers to retrieve the ball quickly and securely out of the cup without bending over.

The only user complaint I have read was the spring that deploys the fingers and holding pressure weakens over time.

The 4-prong Golf Ball Retriever Grabber is a light-weight item, ergonomic golf ball retriever device. It can be attached to a round handle golf grip and allows the golfer to retrieve their golf ball from not only the cup or any location where the ball lies.

The 4-prong retriever slips over the ball and grabs it for easy removal and saves on the back. The attached retriever does not interfere with your putting stroke.

The product is an ideal solution for seniors, people with back, hip or knee problems, arthritis, or other medical conditions.

ELVES Golf Ball Pick-up Suction Cup

Quality and style make sure that you don[t have to keep losing the ball after every grab, it is one retriever, well-designed to ensure no slips of ball. Suction Cup slips over butt-end of putter grip when in use and can be removed as needed. Even installed it does not interfere with the putting motion.

Constructed of unrivaled quality rubber material is soft and elastic. The innovative rubber cup on the end is perfectly sized to fit most putter grips. No buttons or levers or mechanisms to wear out. Simply slip it over the butt-end of putter grip and press it down over the ball and retrieve.

Brccee AC 6 Pack Golf Ball Pick-Up Tool

Comming in last on my list is the Brccee AC, which is a much cheaper version of the Nickel version above and comes in a 6 pack.

Engineered for ease of use to make picking the ball up seem effortless. No more bending to retrieve your ball.

Installs with just three little screws that secure it to the end of your putter. Press to release the claw to pick up and fold it back to secure claws.

The synthetic materials ensure high durability, lightweight and handy to carry. Easily attaches to the butt-end of putter grip.

Bottom Line

Any and all of the pick-up devices will function as describe and will give you playing rounds of enjoyment of not having to bend over to retrieve your ball.

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Leave your comments or questions about the above items or any other relevant questions you may have in the comment box below.


The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool – To Up Your Game

Have you ever been lining up your putt and right in your line is a pitch mark? The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool is your answer to get rid of that make and insure you have a smooth surface to roll your ball into the hole.

Pitch marks are something that should not be present on any putting surface if the players in front of you would fix their marks and one other, and you of course do the same. However this is not the case because a lot of players seem to ignore their damage to the putting surface. If they had the PitchFix Divot Repair Tool in their pocket it would be a snap to fix it pronto. A couple jabs into the turf and a tap down and the surface is good as new for the next player.

The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool

The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool is lightweight and is made of aluminum covered with rubberized grip. It has a removable ball marker that is attached by a magnet. It is easy to use to repair ball marks by pressing a button and repair prongs spring out like a switch-blade knife. The prongs are hardened steel and provide excellent leverage to repair the mark. I have had a number of tool in the past from plastic to steel and they all bend and or break from use. The PitchFix tool has not succumbed to use and will not bend or break. It works well in all types of turf from sandy to a combo of soil and sand.

PitchFix Divot Repair Tool Options

The PitchFix tool comes in a variety of options and colors to suit your needs.

Each designed to fix any type of ball mark in varying types of soil.

So Whatever your ball divot problem is PitchFix has you covered in the right tool to fix it.

Bottom Line

I have carried and used my PitchFix for a number of years and wish all players had one in their pocked to fix their ball marks and another for the enjoyment of the player coming behind them.

I would be interested any and all comments about the PitchFix tool or any other golf related comment in the space provided below.


Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball – The Triple Play to Up Your Game

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Balls have reach a new peak with the introduction of three new balls this year. The ERC Soft, ERC Supersoft and the ERC Supersoft Magna.

In my humble opinion a golf ball is a golf ball for the beginner or above average player. Ya I know a two piece ball with low spin for distance is really good for those players with high handicaps. However, if you are looking to really cut strokes off your game and you have invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in clubs and a bag you should really take a look at your ball. Technology in golf balls has really improved the playability of balls today. Which gives you the player the advantage to really cut those strokes.

Callaway has really come up with some really cool stuff with this new line of balls. So lets take a look at the ERC.

ERC Soft Triple Track

Callaway says its new products called the ERC Soft Triple Track and are marketed as the longest golf balls with soft feel ever Callaway.

ERC stands for Ely Reeves Callaway the founder of Callaway. Triple Track Technology uses the same tech used to land jets on aircraft carriers, Vernier Acuity Precision, a technology that dramatically improves alignment, compared to the industry standard, the classic side stamp alignment aid.

Hybrid Cover

The main features of the ERC Soft golf ball is the brand new and innovative Hybrid Cover, that uses a composite material, engineered for delivering an amazingly soft feel and improved ball speeds for longer distance, and also more spin, which translates into improved control around the green.

Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core

Wow that is a mouth full, so what is it? It consists of a larger than usual inner core, created to deliver faster ball speeds via maximizing compression energy, while in the same time promoting greater distance via higher launch by minimizing driver spin. Complicated, but yeah it really works in real life.

Callaway ERC Supersoft

The Supersoft incorporates Callaway’s lowest compression core with a brand new soft cover and HEX aerodynamics. The HEX technology works wonders in terms of lowering the spin rate, which translates into reduced drag, increased carry distance, and higher flight. The ultra low compression core also contributes in terms of creating low spin for a straighter and longer flight. The Supersoft golf ball features Callaway’s patented Trionomer cover, designed to deliver greater shot stopping spin when around the green and better feel for golfers of all skill levels.

Callaway ERC Supersoft Magna

The Magna, as you can imagine, is larger in size compared to the standard size ball, but still is in compliance with the USGA Rules of Golf. Bigger is better for slow swing speed golfers and just starting out players.

Along with its game improvement features, the Supersoft Magna golf ball comes with all the characteristics of the Supersoft, including the HEX Aerodynamics, the ultra low compression core and the soft Trionomer cover.

Bottom Line

Fast Ball Speeds & Low Spin Off The Driver

The ERC Soft is the largest ever Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. A larger inner core that maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver-spin and promoting high launch for long distance.

Longest Golf Ball With Soft Feel

ERC Soft has completely reinvented how a distance ball performs with Hybrid Cover. A multi-material cover creates an exceptional combination of faster ball speeds for longer distance, incredibly soft feel, and noticeably higher spin for excellent control around the green.

Triple Track Technology

Improved putting accuracy with the Triple Track lines. Out does traditionally side stamped alignment aid.

With all that being said, asses your game and pick the ERC Soft that will match it and cut those strokes off your score today.

Check and compare prices on Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods today.

Supersoft or Chrome Soft – Which is best for you

When I first started playing golf, many years ago, choosing a ball was pretty easy thing to do. There were basically three choices, well besides brand name, 100, 90, and 85 compression. Compression was determined by your swing speed. The higher your swing speed the higher compression ball you could use for maximum distance. Ball cover was make of balata rubber and a thin hit resulted in what was called a smiley, which ruined the ball for good.

Today it’s Amazing the Changes that have been Made

Better materials and a boatload of R&D, which includes mixing and matching covers and layers of varying hardness with cores in a dazzling array of sizes, have accelerated golf ball design at lighting speeds. Selecting the best ball for your game, as a result, isn’t a black and white as it once was. One example: choosing between Callaway’s flagship Tour model, the Chrome Soft($45 per doz.) and its low compression, distance-oriented cousin, the Supersoft($22 per doz.)

Jason Finley, Callaway Global Director, Brand Management, Golf Balls, says, ” A ball like Supersoft – with its soft ionomer cover and an extremely low compression – is very low-spinning on long shots, delivering big time distance and straighter flight, but due to the sort cover, can still provide solid green side performance.”

Will it be Seen on the Tour?

Finley goes on the say, “The solid green side performance applies only if your game is based on hitting less-demanding short-game shots. In other words, square-face pitches and basic bunker blasts. An ionomer cover will never spin as much as one made of urethane on wedges shots. However, it will give some players more distance off the driver. As long as your swing speed is not above 99 or so.

The Chrome Soft is a low-compression four-piece ball with a Graphene Dual Fast Core and urethane cover. The use of graphene (light and strong material) allows for a larger, softer inner core and a smaller outer core. The result is a hefty dose of spin separation. If you don’t favor high spinning wedge shots or shaping approaches the Chrome Soft most likely won’t help you score lower than Supersoft.

HUH? Spin Separation

Finley says,”The Chrome Soft design amps up spin around the green and limits it off the driver, which is a big WOW for the better players.

“There are massive differences between Chrome Soft and Supersoft”, says Finley, and adds “the real differentiator is the precision and control the Tour model provides, not only around the greens but also on mid and short iron shots.”

Bottom Line

So which ball is right for your game? This is how Callaway fits a ball to its Tour staff, start on and around the green ans see which ball works and feels best to you. Then move to short iron and wedge shots. Only after you determine the model you prefer should you check your driver and fairway wood numbers. Even if a given ball gives you five more yards off the tee, it probably won’t help you shave many strokes off your game 100 yard in.

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Best Golf Launch Monitors – To Up Your Game

Are you serious about your game and want to improve? Well, a golf launch monitor is exactly what you are looking for. Get exact feed back on your shot from club head speed, smash factor, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, side spin, carry distance and roll out.

Having your own monitor means you can golf whenever you want, day or night. During those cold winter months you can set up your launch monitor indoors to practice your game and keep your swing alive.

One launch monitor is not right for everyone because we are all different in many ways. I have put together a few that will match many of the differences of most players. There are a whole host of launch monitors on the market with new ones coming out all the time. Price dictates capability so we aware that bells and whistles do cost more buck as in most things.

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak is basically an indoor launch monitor and a simulator. Accuracy is key with any simulator or launch monitor and the SkyTrak has that hands down. High-speed photo metric sensors make SkyTrak one of the most accurate monitors on the market.

SkyTrak is the best-seller because of its precise ball data combined with outstanding accuracy and the best software packages around. SkyTrak is just as accurate as those $10K products on the market.

The user-friendly SkyTrak is easy to use for even the most technologically challenged. Simply charge the device, download the SkyTrak app on your phone or iPad, register your account, and setup your hitting area and start playing.


Total distance, carry distance, roll distance, ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, offline yardage back spin, side spin, flight path, and angle of descent.

Check prices at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Voice Caddie SC200 Plus Golf Launch Monitor

Want a launch monitor to take with you, the Voice Caddie SC200 Plus is a great choice. At about the size of a smartphone, the SC200 Plus fits perfectly in your bag or pocket for easy mobility. The SC200 uses radar to track your ball. Accurate ball data is displayed on its screen and also contains a voice feature for easy listing to results of your last shot. The SC200 also comes with a Practice Swing mode that allows you to swing without a ball while still getting accurate readings on your club head speed.


Carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor.

Check prices and Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

The ES12 from Ernest Sports is a low-cost way to help you dial in your shots. For less that $200 you can get instant feedback on your shot distance and ball speed. Get an exact feel of your distances with each club in your bag on your next trip to the range. The ES12 monitor syncs easily with your smartphone and can we paired with a Bluetooth listening device, that allows you to hear your distances and ball speed after every hit.

Your FREE Ernest Sports app on your smartphone will we your personal caddy that you can take with you on the course. The app is going to we like your new digital golf assistant that will tell you the optimal club you should hit based on your distance from the pin and historical shot performance of each club. No guess work with the ES12.


Ball speed and Distance.

Check prices at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Foresight GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

The Foresight GC2 with its incredible accuracy and ball feedback has been used by armatures and professional golfers to train some of the world’s best golfers.

The high-speed stereoscopic cameras of the GC2 analyzes key ball metrics to give you instantly accurate ball data. Rounding out the unit is an added package of the HMT unit which tracks your club and gives you comprehensive data on your swing for horizontal club path to impact location. The GC2 is a must have for the serious golfer looking to get to the next level.


Club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, and lie, impact location on club face.

Ernest Sports ES15 Golf Launch Monitor

The Ernest Sports ES15 gives you a sleek and professional launch monitor, that is a great way to give your range a modern feel. You can customize the 30″ x 15″ display with your own graphics and club logo in order to leave a lasting impression on golfers. Players can sync their smartphones up with the ES15 and get audible read-outs on their hands-free listening device or track their session with the provided free app.


Club head speed, distance, launch angle, spin rate and smash factor.

Check prices ant Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Which golf monitor is best for you? Professional golfers will we most satisfied with the extensive ball data given by the SkyTrak or the Foresight G2. Beginners and golfer on a budget can benefit a lot from the entry-level practice monitors like the Ernest ES12 and the Voice Caddy SC200. So whether a scratch golfer wanting to play under par or the beginner just learning how to swing, there truly is a launch monitor for everyone.


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The Golf Drizzle Stik – Saves Your Blood Pressure When it Rains

Ever been out playing a round of golf and it starts to sprinkle. You don’t want your sticks to get wet so what do you do?? In years past I would put my towel over the clubs(I always have one clipped to my bag). Do you use your regular umbrella or try to find your bag hood, now what pocket did I put it in the last time I used it, woo its nasty smelling. Now try to get it snapped onto the bag, which way does it go on, I am getting wet.

Stop the hassle and get you a DrizzleStik. So Handy to stow and deploy and keeps your clubs dry as you continue on with your round hoping it does not rain harder.

Compare prices at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


DrizzleStik Features

First it has a telescoping shaft, which when collapsed, allows it to fit into a long bag pocket or unobtrusively amongest your clubs. Additional model comes with a flex shaft that allows easy club access and removal and return to bag.

Second, the handle is a golf grip, the tackiness of which keeps the DrizzleStik from blowing out of your bag.

Third, its small size fits perfectly over your clubs and bag, even when two bags are side-by-side on a cart.

Forth, a patented interior lining keeps clubs from getting snagged on the DrizzleStik’s ribs.

DrizzleStik Usage

The DrizzleStik is best suited for bags carried on a cart. Those players walking and carrying their bag will find that at the carry angle rain will get between the hood and bag opening and clubs will get wet. According to some Senior PGA Tour caddies any minor gap is covered by his rain jacket or that wet towel we always have. Without a caddie, walkers will have to deal with something extra to assist the DrizzleStik or revert to that old bag hood and those pesky snaps.

DrizzleStik Specifications

  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Protect your clubs – durable nylon material with patented deep canopy design and protective inner liner protects you golf clubs from rainy weather
  • Extendable club-like shaft – it has a telescoping umbrella shaft is 55″ extended length and 36″ collapsed length made for easy storage in golf bag side pockets
  • Spring top – the spring top allows the canopy to pivot in any direction to pull you club out or reinsert in your golf bag
  • Classic rubber golf grip – classic rubber golf grip, allows golfers of all skill levels to quickly and effectively protect their golf clubs for rainy weather
  • Perfect girt – the drizzlestik flex is a perfect gift for your favorite golf enthusiast

Bottom Line

I have had a DrizzleStik in my bag for a number of years. It Fits neatly in my bag side pocket and is there whenever I get that light to heavy rain and it does keep my clubs dry. There are many other golf bag umbrellas out there but I don’t think they have the spring swivel shaft for easy removal of a golf club.

Best Golf Umbrellas- Keeping Dry is Good

Golf umbrellas, why you need one, and since you need one why not get the best there is to offer??

Over my many years of playing golf in all kinds of weather I have noticed that many players do not consider an umbrella when they go to the first tee. No matter what the weather forecast or what the conditions are at the time, the umbrella is not on their minds. Invariably they come back to the club house soaked or if they do have an umbrella it is destroyed by the wind with bent or broken stays and end up in the trash can.

LifeTek Hillcrest Golf Umbrella

The LifeTek Hillcrest Golf Umbrella is one of my top picks for its sturdy, reliable design. Available in black, its double canopy has a 62″ arc, offering impressive coverage for up to two people. The dual frame system and release vents channel wind gusts to prevent inversion, while the 210T micro-weave fabric is coated with Teflon for maximum water repellency. Best of all, the Teflon coating makes this umbrella exceptionally quick drying.

This is a particularly good purchase for those that spend time in sunnier climates as well. With a UPF 60+ rating, you can press the    automatic opening mechanism and experience instant protection from 97 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays. The vented canopy also helps to keep you cool on especially hot days. At 1.8 pounds and 40.5 inches in length, this is certainly not the lightest or most compact golf umbrella on the market, but the extra weight is worth it for guaranteed protection in all weathers.

Check pricing at Amazon

Third Floor Umbrellas Windproof Golf Umbrella

For those on a budget the Third Floor Easton Grey Umbrella is an excellent choice. Saving money does not have to mean sacrificing quality. The double canopy has a 62-inch arc and made from durable pongee fabric. The vented design pairs with the flexible fiberglass frame to provide strength in the face of gusting winds, while UV protection is an added bonus.

A automatic opening mechanism deploys the umbrella in an instant when sudden showers threaten your game.The closure is manual, but simple, while the ergonomic handle features and easy grip design. It weighs 1.4 pounds and measures 40 inches in length, and comes in a variety of colors.

Check prices at Amazon

Fit-in-Bag Golf Umbrella – Compact and Lightweight

The Fit-in-Bag Golf Umbrella is the ideal choice for traveling golfers who need a good coverage on the curse, but don’t have much space in their bag. It has a 63-inch arc, but collapses to a folded length of just 11.8 inches. It comes with a sleeve and carry strap, and takes up a mere one pound.

Made from 210T pongee fabric, the umbrella dries quickly and offers excellent protection from the rain and UV rays. Ten reinforced steel ribs and a double vented canopy help it to keep its shape even in strong winds. Opening and closing are manual.

Check pricing at Amazon

G4 Free 68-Inch Golf Umbrella

The G4 Free Golf Umbrella has an arc of 68 inches, and offers maximum coverage for your whole foresum. A double vented canopy and fiberglass ribs prevent the umbrella from taking off in high winds, and the 210T pongee fabric is conveniently quick drying. It also protects from UV rays and rain alike.

A automatic opening mechanism make it easy to deploy with one hand. The slim non-slip handle is designed to fit easily into my golf cart. Weighing 1.6 pounds, the umbrella is surprisingly light considering its large size. It comes with a matching sleeve in six different colors.

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The UV-Blocker Golf Umbrella

The UV-Blocker Golf Umbrella is made expressly for the purpose and is recognized by the Melanoma International Foundation for its effectiveness in preventing skin cancer. It is made from silver Solarteck fabric that reflects 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays and has a UPF rating of 55 plus.

The double canopy has a 62-inch arc, and a patented vented mesh system that allows heat to escape. The umbrella’s ventilation is so efficient that it helps you to feel 15 percent cooler on hot days. It works very well in the rain and is kept lightweight by its fiberglass construction.

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Marino Golf Umbrella Windproof

The Marino Golf Umbrella With its innovative square shaped canopy, it’s guaranteed to stand my in a crowd filled with conventional circular umbrellas. The 62-inch arc can accommodate two people, while

the automatic opening mechanism makes it easy to deploy in those sudden pop-up showers. Although the single layer canopy offers less wind resistance than others on this list, the fiberglass shaft is designed to be safe in lighting storms. It even has an optional choice of UV protection.

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Bottom Line

While this is only a small selection of umbrellas on the market it will give you excellent features to help you decide on your next, or maybe your first umbrella. Every golf bags should have one. For rain or shine it is a must have to keep you dry, cool and not burnt from the sun.