8 Best Golf Ball Retrievers – To Help You Get Your Golf Ball Back

Have you ever stood on the edge of a lake or stream and spied your brand new $3.70 ball just inches from the reach of your longest club? I can almost reach it, while its looking back at you lauffing while you think I don’t want to get wet. Your answer is a Golf Ball Retriever, tucked in a side pocket or inserted in your bag alongside your clubs. In any event a ball retrievers is a must have especially playing on a course with a lot of water or some out-of-bounds with the ball just resting just beyond your reach as will.

Take a look at the following 10 best Golf Ball Retrievers on the market to get that ball back and save you some money on those tour balls you play.

Search and Rescue Retriever

The Search and Rescue Retriever employs two steel rings and a lock bar to grab your ball and hold it tight. No dropping your ball back into the water with this retriever. The body uses a special aluminum alloy with a powder coated finish that will withstand all environmental conditions without rusting.

To operate, you simply place the steel rings over or under the ball and apply some pressure and the lock bar secures the ball and you pull it in. The Search and Rescue Retriever comes with a cover that fits over the head to make it match all the clubs in you golf bag.

IGOTCHA The Biggest Golf Ball Retriever

In the case of the IGOTCHA, bigger is better. When extended you have a reach of 21 feet, but when collapsed it is just 46 inches long. Weighing in at just 25 ounces, this retriever fits inside any golf bag without taking space away from your clubs and not weighing you down.

A squeeze on the comfort grip helps to open and extend the head to wrap it around your ball for easy retrieval. No drops with this product as well.

Callaway Ball Retriever

Those Callaway fans will love the Callaway Ball Retriever on the green or in the water, where ever your golf ball lands. At 45-inches long it will fit nicely into your bag alongside your other Callaway clubs and matches up nicely with a Callaway head cover provide, as well.

A very nice hand grip of textured material takes the stress of holding the retriever. Made from an aluminum allow that will never bend, this retriever retains its strong shape during the longest of grabs.

IGOTCHA Executive 10FT Golf Ball Retriever

Another IGOTCHA model weighs in at only eight ounces and in the retracted state is just 15-inches long. At that size it can easily store in a side pocket of your bag. Extended, the Executive reaches a full 10-feet away.

With some pressure placed on the ball a spring mechanism on the end of the retriever pops up. This action helps the head wrap around your ball and keeps it in place as you pull the ball in. It works well with balls stuck in water, sand, dirt and even mud. No dropped golf balls here either.

PrideSports Universal Ball Retriever

The Universal Ball Retriever is designed to work like a scoop to pick up any ball, whether in the water or in the weeds. The Extended reach of 12-feet will save you dollars on balls you would have to leave as is,submerged in the water. The body of the Universal is made of durable aluminum alloy and has a bright orange color that is easy to see.

JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever

The JP Lann employs a pressure head that when pressed down on top of the ball it grips it for easy retrieval. The JP Lann comes in different sizes and designs but the best on is the 18-foot long model when full extended.

Made from anodized aluminum, the ball retriever has a comfort grip handle that takes the pressure off your hands and a bright orange head.

Seems to me not a sure thing that the ball will not drop out as you are retrieving your ball.

2M Golf Ball Retriever

The 2M golf Ball Retriever is made of durable stainless steel that is strong enough to stand up to common weather and environmental conditions without breaking or even bending. The use of stainless also helps reduce the overall weight of the retriever.

The 2M employs a scooping head to slip under the ball and retrieve. A locking mechanism adds to the gripping of the golf ball by pressure on the handle that drops a lock down onto the ball to secure it in the cup.

Signstek Brand New Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

The Signstek retriever extends to nearly 80-inches to help you retrieve those ball in water or other hazards. The Signstek is of stainless steel to bring down its overall weight, however it is quite durable and will keep the retriever in great shape after years of play.

The Signstek also employs a locking feature that automatically locks as soon as you gram the ball. No dropped golf balls with this product Again the grip handle is cushioned for comfort and feel.

Bottom Line

While all the above retrievers function well in all conditions remember you get what you pay for so choose wisely. It really depends on the courses you play on the type of retriever you purchase. If you are playing on courses with little water and your not in a lot of trouble in retrieving your ball than a less expensive retriever is just fine, However if you play around a lot of water and out of bounds and you are constantly loosing golf balls to those hazards the investment into one of the better retrievers will save in the long run on the price of golf balls saved from the dasterly water or other hazards.

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