Adjustable Drivers – Understanding How It Works

Its hard not to notice the ever-changing world of golf club innovation and design. The hype is to bring you the player easy to hit clubs get up quickly hybrids from the rough and wedges of a multitude of face angles and surface finishes and of course the adjustable driver.

With the simple twist of a screw you can switch out shafts, adjust weight distribution and change loft, lie and open or closed face. This sound really cool but a lot of us do not understand the concepts of how to adjust to get the maximum from the club to match our swing and advance our game.

Adjustable Weights and Their Adjustments

Altering anything on the club can be a nightmare if you don’t understand what adjustments will do and where to start. Understanding how moving weight around the club head effects ball flight and launch angle off the club face is paramount.

The different manufactures approach this ability in a number if different ways but they all adhere to the basic science behind the effects that weight has on the ball when struck.

Promoting a fade is affected by moving the weights toward the toe and to the back of the club. Conversely, moving the weights toward the heal and to the back promotes a draw.

Spin is also affected with these weights. Moving them to the back promotes more spin while moving them closer to the face lessens the spin.

Adjustable Hosel Sleeve – What it Does

Golf clubs in general made a huge leap forward a few years ago with the advent of adjustable sleeves at the tip of the shaft and inserted into the hosel. These sleeves can make adjustments to your ball flight by changing the loft and lie angle and open/closed position for club face.

These adjustments alone can have a huge effect on ball flight but combining them can achieve a multitude of different ball flights to fine tune your ball flight.

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So What Settings Are Best for You?

Wow this can be overwhelming but its not really beyond our comprehension. The best way to get the proper settings is to enlist the aid of a high end launch monitor. These are found these days at the high end golf sales stores and showing up at a lot of golf course venues.

The do-it-yourselfer can accomplish this by making 10 shots at a setting and adjust the weights and or sleeve as stated above to achieve the flight that best suites your game.

Is your ball to high or to low change the sleeve to increase or decrease face angle. Do you get roll out or not much at all adjust the sole weights to affect the spin rate. Do you tend to slice or draw your shots than adjust the sleeve to open/close the face.

Adjustable Drivers – To Up Your Game

All this high tech is really cool if you play around with it and see what it can do for your game. I mess with mine all the time as swings do change from year to year and even day to day.