Author: Jim Robinson

Titleist TS1 Driver –

Titleist has added a great addition to its TS driver family. The Titleist TS! Driver is a lightweight model that is designed for the moderate swing speed player. It comes in at 275g (that’s 45g lighter than the TS2) however it contains the same hi-tech qualities that the other TS family members posses including an

The Best Golf Putter

The putter, most likely the only one you will use on every hole at least once. Well unless your that lucky person that holes out from off the putting surface. It happens but not that often. As I have said in other posts, the putter is the most important club in your bag. In my

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

We’ve all heard the story, if your ever caught on the golf course in an electrical storm; hold a one-iron towards the heavens because “even God can’t hit a one-iron.” For most weekend golfers hitting the long irons solidly and accurately is a big challenge because of the lower loft and smaller face. This makes

Top 10 Golf Club Wedges

Have you ever been buried in the sand or caught among the tall grass of the rough??? You will be glad you have one of these golf club wedges in your bag. These wedges off excellent lift and spin control to drop the shot close to the pin for that easy par. Plus they are

Best Golf Club Irons

Golf, my favorite pastime, and also for vast numbers in countries around the world. Playing the game is a contest between you the player and the course itself. I used to walk and carry my bag of clubs for years but I find it now, at my age, not something I can do. The physical

Best Golf Drivers 2019 – To Up Your Game

2019 introduces a large number of new drivers with increased technology and hype. Following is a few that I feel are the best of what is offered. It’s my hope that you find one that will increase your distance and control. Callaway Epic Flash/Fpic Flash Sub Zero The original Epic incorporated ground breaking technology in