Best Golf Club Grips – Do I Really Need New Grips

Gold club grips are, in my opinion, are more important than the club itself. The grip connects the club to your hands. Without a good connection no matter the club you will not hit a good shot.

Golf club grip sizing is most important. Even a new grip in the wrong size will not allow you to have a firm grip on the club. Grips come in a number of sizes depending on the size of your hand and strength you possess in your hands. Typically, you will find grips in ladies, seniors, junior, average, mid-size, oversize, and jumbo. Mid-size grips are ideal for players who use either a mans size large or XL golf glove, or for golfers whose primary miss is a bad hook. The perfect fit for you will fall into these categories. You will even have the capability of increasing grip size by the number of tape wraps on the club shaft that will increase grip size, but that is a topic for another post.

Golf Club Grip material is also important to the user. This I feel is a personal feel to you as the user of the club. Weather conditions will also affect the material in being able to hold onto the club without slipping. Corded grips allow for a wicking effect of moisture on the hands and players say that they offer a gripping effect with less hand pressure without fear of slipping, however they tend to be abrasive to the hands. Rubber or rubber composite grips tend to soak up moisture and oil from hands and deteriorate much faster.

The material also can be soft or firm. A softer grip is ideal for the senior, ladies or arthritis sufferers as lighter grip pressure is less in holding.

Champkey AVS Soft

Champkey AVS is a good choice in that they have an alignment pattern that allows your hands naturally form a technically sound grip but still allows you to open or close the club face if you’re trying to hit a specialty shot.

Aside from looks, Champkey differs from the Winn DriTac AVS grip in that it is not quite as soft as the Winn grips, and it does not dampen the vibrations of mishits as well. The feel is nice and tacky, but very firm and responsive.

You will know if you hit the ball or if you caught it a little thin, as the grip transfers all of that info unfiltered to your hands. If you play in clod weather, you will probably want to find something softer or your hands might be stinging after a poorly struck shot.

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Winn DriTac AVS

The Winn DriTac AVS grip are as soft as you will find on the golf grip market. If you have a tight grip and like a nice, soft feeling grip with great vibration deduction, these should be right up your alley. For golfers who change there grips frequently, these are a good choice.

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Karma Velvet

If you need new grips but all the others mentioned are out of your price range, the Karma Velvet Midsize grip might be the answer. As you might expect from grips at a much lower cost than others, the materials used are cheaper and thinner than other grips. This causes a little of flimsiness that makes installation difficult, but use plenty of solvent and they should slide on OK.

The thin material also makes the grips feel rather firm, as there is simply not much rubber between your hands and the golf shaft. However, the tackiness is surprisingly good and the grips handled wet weather fairly well.

The feeling overall is similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip at a fraction of the price. You will not find extensive alignment tools or flashy looks, just a clean, classic look and feel that lets players play.

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Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips

They feel amazing, with a soft tackiness underlain by a firm, confidence-inspiring and responsive feel.

The cord’s won’t tear your hands up like old corded grips often did, and the updated multi-compound rubber that Golf Pride has developed is both very durable, and performs very well in all weather conditions from a cold rain to a hot, dry desert day.

The Golf Pride brand has set the standard for rubber grips since there inception in the 1940s and these multi-compound grips are the flagship of there line for good reason.

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Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

A modern, high-tech version of a classic design, It’s as tacky as grips get when first installed.

While performance in the rain is improved over the first generation of the Tour Wrap, you’ll still want to keep a towel and rain gloves handy as the Tour Wrap 2G can get slippery when wet.

They are nice and tacky and provide an unobtrusive, unassumingly good feel.

There are no lines to help with alignment, so you should be comfortable that you an aim properly without any aid from your grip.

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There are a host of grips out there and I have only touched on a few to give you a feel for what to look for. If you are unhappy with the grips on your clubs at present and they are worn out there is a better grip out there to suit your needs and feel.

Any questions about grips would be welcomed and I would be happy to give your my feelings on any.