Best Golf Club Storage – Stay Organized in the Garage

Golf Club Storage has not been a problem for me as I leave my clubs, rain gear, cold weather outer clothing in my van all year long. Those of you who can not do that the question is where do you put all that stuff when you are not at the course? Following, I have put together some good options for the purpose of keeping you clubs and other equipment in a central location and organized for easy access to grab and go. Most are intended to be used in your garage but I can see where any inside location would be a good place for these bag racks.

So Let’s get into this. They are not in any intended order of preference or cost because each of us will be looking for different solutions to our storage needs.

Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer

The Two Bag Golf Organizer is suited for the garage and capable of storing two golf bags and all your other equipment. A high-quality product by Bed Bath and Beyond it features a compact design that is sturdy and stable and easy to assemble. The frame is covered with a wire mesh screen. The downside of this unit is if you have those huge card bags it might be a little snug. Plus the construction is not quite as sturdy as some other units to follow.

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Gallery 457 Metal Golf Bag Organizer

Sporting a powder-coated metal construction the Gallery 457 Metal organizer offers space for all your golf equipment. Two separate spaces for golf bags, with five extra shelves in between offering a clean and tidy look.

The Gallery 457 is easy to assemble and measures 39.75″ wide by 36″ high by 15″ deep. The bag shelf sits a couple inches above the ground. Twenty minute assemble with bolts protected by plastic bushings.

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Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer

The Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer is a sturdy metal construction built to hold two bags and all your other equipment. Featuring just 4 middle shelves its still enough space to handle your needs. The assembled organizer measures 39″ x 36″ x 15″ fully assembled. Durable black paint finish with no sharp edges.

Another good quality bag storage unit that will fit you needs at an affordable price.

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Milliard Golf Bag Organizer 

Most of the units listed here have a wire mesh cladding however this unit is void of that and looks a little bare compared to the others. The frame is quite beefy and able to contain two golf bags.

The assembled unit measures 39″ x 36″ x 16″ and has four storage shelves in the middle. The bag locations are ample measuring 14 ” wide. The storage an adequate but do not have sides so this might me a drawback for some users.

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Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer

The Suncast GO3216 is designed and well suited for garage our the interior of your home. Instead of a central shelf space it is located beside the space for two golf bags. Again the unit has four shelves and measures 32″ x 16″ x 37″

The model incorporates metal mesh in construction and it lends a well covered look to the organizer. The topmost shelf has sides to keep items from falling to floor. The unit also has adjustable feet for proper leveling on that slanted garage floor.

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Bottom Line

All of the above are very good options to your storage and organizing needs for your golf bag and additional equipment. My list only contains a few options available but may provide you with some idea on what will best suit your needs.

Leave comments or suggestions as to your thoughts on my selections for golf bag storage organizers.