Best Golf Launch Monitors – To Up Your Game

Are you serious about your game and want to improve? Well, a golf launch monitor is exactly what you are looking for. Get exact feed back on your shot from club head speed, smash factor, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, side spin, carry distance and roll out.

Having your own monitor means you can golf whenever you want, day or night. During those cold winter months you can set up your launch monitor indoors to practice your game and keep your swing alive.

One launch monitor is not right for everyone because we are all different in many ways. I have put together a few that will match many of the differences of most players. There are a whole host of launch monitors on the market with new ones coming out all the time. Price dictates capability so we aware that bells and whistles do cost more buck as in most things.

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak is basically an indoor launch monitor and a simulator. Accuracy is key with any simulator or launch monitor and the SkyTrak has that hands down. High-speed photo metric sensors make SkyTrak one of the most accurate monitors on the market.

SkyTrak is the best-seller because of its precise ball data combined with outstanding accuracy and the best software packages around. SkyTrak is just as accurate as those $10K products on the market.

The user-friendly SkyTrak is easy to use for even the most technologically challenged. Simply charge the device, download the SkyTrak app on your phone or iPad, register your account, and setup your hitting area and start playing.


Total distance, carry distance, roll distance, ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, offline yardage back spin, side spin, flight path, and angle of descent.

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Voice Caddie SC200 Plus Golf Launch Monitor

Want a launch monitor to take with you, the Voice Caddie SC200 Plus is a great choice. At about the size of a smartphone, the SC200 Plus fits perfectly in your bag or pocket for easy mobility. The SC200 uses radar to track your ball. Accurate ball data is displayed on its screen and also contains a voice feature for easy listing to results of your last shot. The SC200 also comes with a Practice Swing mode that allows you to swing without a ball while still getting accurate readings on your club head speed.


Carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor.

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Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

The ES12 from Ernest Sports is a low-cost way to help you dial in your shots. For less that $200 you can get instant feedback on your shot distance and ball speed. Get an exact feel of your distances with each club in your bag on your next trip to the range. The ES12 monitor syncs easily with your smartphone and can we paired with a Bluetooth listening device, that allows you to hear your distances and ball speed after every hit.

Your FREE Ernest Sports app on your smartphone will we your personal caddy that you can take with you on the course. The app is going to we like your new digital golf assistant that will tell you the optimal club you should hit based on your distance from the pin and historical shot performance of each club. No guess work with the ES12.


Ball speed and Distance.

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Foresight GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

The Foresight GC2 with its incredible accuracy and ball feedback has been used by armatures and professional golfers to train some of the world’s best golfers.

The high-speed stereoscopic cameras of the GC2 analyzes key ball metrics to give you instantly accurate ball data. Rounding out the unit is an added package of the HMT unit which tracks your club and gives you comprehensive data on your swing for horizontal club path to impact location. The GC2 is a must have for the serious golfer looking to get to the next level.


Club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, and lie, impact location on club face.

Ernest Sports ES15 Golf Launch Monitor

The Ernest Sports ES15 gives you a sleek and professional launch monitor, that is a great way to give your range a modern feel. You can customize the 30″ x 15″ display with your own graphics and club logo in order to leave a lasting impression on golfers. Players can sync their smartphones up with the ES15 and get audible read-outs on their hands-free listening device or track their session with the provided free app.


Club head speed, distance, launch angle, spin rate and smash factor.

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Bottom Line

Which golf monitor is best for you? Professional golfers will we most satisfied with the extensive ball data given by the SkyTrak or the Foresight G2. Beginners and golfer on a budget can benefit a lot from the entry-level practice monitors like the Ernest ES12 and the Voice Caddy SC200. So whether a scratch golfer wanting to play under par or the beginner just learning how to swing, there truly is a launch monitor for everyone.


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