Best Golf Umbrellas- Keeping Dry is Good

Golf umbrellas, why you need one, and since you need one why not get the best there is to offer??

Over my many years of playing golf in all kinds of weather I have noticed that many players do not consider an umbrella when they go to the first tee. No matter what the weather forecast or what the conditions are at the time, the umbrella is not on their minds. Invariably they come back to the club house soaked or if they do have an umbrella it is destroyed by the wind with bent or broken stays and end up in the trash can.

LifeTek Hillcrest Golf Umbrella

The LifeTek Hillcrest Golf Umbrella is one of my top picks for its sturdy, reliable design. Available in black, its double canopy has a 62″ arc, offering impressive coverage for up to two people. The dual frame system and release vents channel wind gusts to prevent inversion, while the 210T micro-weave fabric is coated with Teflon for maximum water repellency. Best of all, the Teflon coating makes this umbrella exceptionally quick drying.

This is a particularly good purchase for those that spend time in sunnier climates as well. With a UPF 60+ rating, you can press the    automatic opening mechanism and experience instant protection from 97 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays. The vented canopy also helps to keep you cool on especially hot days. At 1.8 pounds and 40.5 inches in length, this is certainly not the lightest or most compact golf umbrella on the market, but the extra weight is worth it for guaranteed protection in all weathers.

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Third Floor Umbrellas Windproof Golf Umbrella

For those on a budget the Third Floor Easton Grey Umbrella is an excellent choice. Saving money does not have to mean sacrificing quality. The double canopy has a 62-inch arc and made from durable pongee fabric. The vented design pairs with the flexible fiberglass frame to provide strength in the face of gusting winds, while UV protection is an added bonus.

A automatic opening mechanism deploys the umbrella in an instant when sudden showers threaten your game.The closure is manual, but simple, while the ergonomic handle features and easy grip design. It weighs 1.4 pounds and measures 40 inches in length, and comes in a variety of colors.

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Fit-in-Bag Golf Umbrella – Compact and Lightweight

The Fit-in-Bag Golf Umbrella is the ideal choice for traveling golfers who need a good coverage on the curse, but don’t have much space in their bag. It has a 63-inch arc, but collapses to a folded length of just 11.8 inches. It comes with a sleeve and carry strap, and takes up a mere one pound.

Made from 210T pongee fabric, the umbrella dries quickly and offers excellent protection from the rain and UV rays. Ten reinforced steel ribs and a double vented canopy help it to keep its shape even in strong winds. Opening and closing are manual.

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G4 Free 68-Inch Golf Umbrella

The G4 Free Golf Umbrella has an arc of 68 inches, and offers maximum coverage for your whole foresum. A double vented canopy and fiberglass ribs prevent the umbrella from taking off in high winds, and the 210T pongee fabric is conveniently quick drying. It also protects from UV rays and rain alike.

A automatic opening mechanism make it easy to deploy with one hand. The slim non-slip handle is designed to fit easily into my golf cart. Weighing 1.6 pounds, the umbrella is surprisingly light considering its large size. It comes with a matching sleeve in six different colors.

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The UV-Blocker Golf Umbrella

The UV-Blocker Golf Umbrella is made expressly for the purpose and is recognized by the Melanoma International Foundation for its effectiveness in preventing skin cancer. It is made from silver Solarteck fabric that reflects 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays and has a UPF rating of 55 plus.

The double canopy has a 62-inch arc, and a patented vented mesh system that allows heat to escape. The umbrella’s ventilation is so efficient that it helps you to feel 15 percent cooler on hot days. It works very well in the rain and is kept lightweight by its fiberglass construction.

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Marino Golf Umbrella Windproof

The Marino Golf Umbrella With its innovative square shaped canopy, it’s guaranteed to stand my in a crowd filled with conventional circular umbrellas. The 62-inch arc can accommodate two people, while the automatic opening mechanism makes it easy to deploy in those sudden pop-up showers. Although the single layer canopy offers less wind resistance than others on this list, the fiberglass shaft is designed to be safe in lighting storms. It even has an optional choice of UV protection.

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Bottom Line

While this is only a small selection of umbrellas on the market it will give you excellent features to help you decide on your next, or maybe your first umbrella. Every golf bags should have one. For rain or shine it is a must have to keep you dry, cool and not burnt from the sun.

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