Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

We’ve all heard the story, if your ever caught on the golf course in an electrical storm; hold a one-iron towards the heavens because “even God can’t hit a one-iron.”

For most weekend golfers hitting the long irons solidly and accurately is a big challenge because of the lower loft and smaller face. This makes finding the sweet spot much harder to find for the average player. A lot of players trying to find a way around this opted to use 5-woods and 7-woods. The drawback was the longer shaft and inability to recover from deep rough.

This eventually spurred one of the biggest innovations in golf-club design. The hybrid golf club or the utility club was developed. Building on the design of the Baffler and the Ginty in the early 1970s, from Cobra Golf. Cobra, TaylorMade and Adams improve on these designs in the early 2000s to mainly what we have today.

I have put together what I think are the best hybrid clubs on the market today in a descending order for your information and links to with links to Amazon for your consideration for a hybrid to up your game.

The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Callaway Epic Hybrid

Callaway upped their game from the Steelhead XR with the Epic that delivers outstanding performance and of course at an increased price.So whether your a scratch golfer or a mid-handicapper this club is designed to up your game and is worth your serious consideration.

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Cobra King F7 Hybrid

The King F7 has an excellent feature with the rails, taken from the Baffler, on the sole to provide a smooth movement between club and turf. There is also tremendous amount of adjustability in the loft. The Lighter face generates good flex at impact, along with impressive ball speeds and forgiveness.

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Ping G400 Hybrid

Ping is offering a step up from the earlier G30 and G Crossover with the addition of more weight in the toe to straighten out ball flights that gets away from the draw, for the right-hand player.The G400 provides good distance and forgiving on miss-hits and they are easy to work from left to right and right to left.

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Mizuno JPX 900 Hybrid

Mizuno has made a few tweaks to their JPX in that the lie angle is flatter and the shaft is shorter in the 2 and 3 hybrids which makes them sit more upright.With the loft and lie adjustability all players of varying degrees of ability will find the G400 will give your more forgiveness and added distance from those troubled lies.

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Srixon Z H65 Hybrid

This hybrid will not win any beauty contests for eye appeal or adjustability but they do off penetrating ball flight and plenty of distance with a bit of good launch and forgiveness thrown in to appeal to average golfer needing a reasonable price.

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Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid

While lacking in versatility and adjustability through the line they are easy to hit and will get your from point A to B regardless of the lie.Forgiving to the max and the Hyper Speed Face Cup technology enlarges the sweet spot for that forgiveness that higher handicappers seek.

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Callaway XR Hybrid

The XR Hybrid is a good option for a wide range of players. If your boom the ball already your’re going to benefit the most of anyone as this hybrid is super long.If your want a hybrid that is really easy to hit, this is the answer! Surprisingly easy to work from right to left and has a mid range launch. Perfect for calm or windy conditions.

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Ping G Crossover Hybrid

Struggling with height to your ball flight and have a low swing speed? Then this will really up your intermediate to long game. This club will always be consistently simpler to hit than a long iron so there is absolutely no reason why your shouldn’t give it a try.

Do your need confidence and additional yards from your long game? The Ping G Crossover will be your go to club and the price is right as well.

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Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid

Excellent features and a variety of loft options with the addition of Titleists Active Recoil Channel creates and efficient turf interaction. The Ultra Thin Face design gives plenty of distance.

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TaylorMade M2 Rescue

Differently for the higher handicapper. If your not the best striker of the ball and your confidence is low facing those long iron range shots the TaylorMade M2 Rescue with change all that for your. The ability to shape your shots, right to left most of the time, it will be flying straighter than your’re used to.

If distance and forgiveness is what you’re seeking than the loud sound and hard feel will not bother your game.

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Mizuno JPX 850 Hybrid

The JPX 850 feels and sounds interestingly good off the clubface at impact and the

striking blue appearance will definitely make sure your are noticed.The low profile club head makes it really easy to make contact from easy lies but in the deeper rough it is a little tricky.

Plenty of distance from the low center of gravity give your more bang for your buck in terms of shot result.

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Cobra King F6 Hybrid

Struggling with swing speed and launch height? Than the Cobra F6 is the club for your. If you’re focusing on improving your hitting from the tee than this club is for you, however from the second cut and rough you might rethink your choice.

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Bottom Line

There is no doubt that a hybrid allows you to have a higher launch and ball flight in order to carry the ball a bit further. If your were faced with a carry over water to a narrow green from front to back then a hybrid will be a lot more consistent and reliable than a long iron on average. If you’ve always searched for more height and playability with long irons then perhaps now is the time to change to hybrids.

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