C3i Wedge – Escape Bunkers In One Shot

The C3i lob wedge has an extra-wide auto-glide sole that cuts through the sand without skipping or digging. The C3i wedge with its high loft is a great golf club for men and women that gets the ball up easily to clear the lip and stop it quickly on the green. Incorporating a big 12 degrees of bounce will make a sand wedge for men and women perfect for any type of sand, fluffy to firm, allowing you to get out in one more often and reduce wasted strokes. The C3i makes bunker play a breeze.

Do you struggle to get the ball out and close to the hole from the sand? Do you sometimes leave shots in the bunker? Or occasionally blade them out but over the green?

Whether you have a high or low handicap, if you’re inconsistent from the bunker or rough, or even the fairway when you’re 50 yards and in, then you owe it to yourself to try a C3i Wedge.

You’ll conquer tight lies and thick rough with ease. You’ll even hit high, soft flop shots almost automatically. And you’ll no longer sing the amateur golfer’s lament… “If I only played better around the greens, I’d shoot a lot lower scores…”

It’s a familiar refrain. Players of all handicaps – from low single-digits on up – give away strokes within 50 yards of the flag. Lots and lots of strokes. But you can change that today with the C3i Wedge.

Get No-Effort Flop Shots That Glide Through The Turf

With the use of an extra curve and beveled leading edge that reduce interaction with the ground for consistently clean contact will enable men and women an easy exit from that heavy rough around the green. The hosel and heel are shaped to eliminate catching and snagging in rough that will minimize grass and dirt collection on the face. Flop shots become a breeze with 65 degrees of loft that will pop the ball high with no effort, no special swing technique required. Because of the curbed and beveled leading edge you can clip it cleanly off of tight lies, clear hazards and hit impressive soaring flop shots.

No Special Swing Technique Needed As In Traditional Wedges

The C3i sand wedge is specially-engineered to let you set up and aim directly at your target. No opening your stance or the blade to hit high and soft. Just set up square and swing to get the golf ball close to the pin from a variety of lies. When, you have the feeling of an easy swing it promotes a greater confidence when standing over the ball. With the C3i you can enjoy more tap-in putts for birdie and par.

C3i Sand Wedge Results
C3i Wedge vs Traditional Wedge


Featured In Golf Digest’s Article

“5 Wedges to Help You Hit Better Sand Shots, The C3i sand wedge was independently tested and verified by MyGolfSpy, chosen by them as a standout among specialty wedges, even beating out a traditional wedge for percentage of shots lefts in the bunker and proximity to the hole”.


C3i Testing
Test Results ot the C3i


Legal For Tournament Play

The C3i sand wedge and lob wedge golf club for men and women conforms to the rules of golf, Give yourself an edge without breaking any rules.

What Distance Can I Expect With The C3i?

The majority of golfers will use the 65 degree C3i as a sand wedge out of greenside bunkers, and also as a lob wedge on approach shots from about 40 yards and in. When using the other two lofts, add 10-15 yards per degree. For instance, the 59 degree would be used for around 50-55 yards, and the 55 degree would be from 60-65 yards. Obviously, different golfers will experience different results with regard to how far they can hit each loft, whether it is shorter or longer.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

High-quality construction backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects

Bottom Line

If your short game has plagued you for ever (sand and 50 yards in) give the C3i a try, you just might lower your handicap a number of strokes.

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