Callaway Tour S Golf Laser Rangefinder (Slope Version) – To Up Your Game

Callaway’s Most Advanced Laser Rangefinder

The Callaway Tour-S Laser Rangefinder utilizes uses its most advanced laser technology in one device. With accuracy within +/- .5 yards the Callaway Tour S Golf Laser Rangefinder is the top of the line for Callaway.

Any target distance is an easy click away. Now add P.A.T. ( Pin Acquisition Technology), Prism Mode, and Slope Technology you can know exactly how fare you are from your target and what club to use.

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Get Accurate Measurements Every Time

Laser range finders are my go to options when I need target distance. On my course the greens are very large and the distance from front to back can vary from as few as 20 yards to as much as 50 yards. Other GPS devices are fine if you want just front, middle and back distance but what if you need to lay up to just short of that creek or a bunker or what about that tree you want to miss? The Callaway Tour-S will do that for you and helps reduce those extra strokes because you miss judged your distance.

No need to squint or guess if your locked onto the correct target because the lenses are adjustable to your vision needs.

Slope adjustment in distance (the amount of incline or decline in the terrain) gives you the most accurate distance that sometimes is not apparent to the naked eye. The Tour-S also has a switch to turn off the slope feature to make it tournament legal. P.A.T. technology allows you to lock onto the pin up to 400 yards away.

If your hand is a little shaky while sighting your target, like mine is, not to worry because the Tour-S locks onto your target with ease.

Prism Mode & Laser Mode

The Callaway Tour-S contains two modes to give you easy distance measurements.

Prism Mode is used if your curse has prisms attached to flag sticks. The Tour-S locks onto those prisms with ease.

Laser Mode scans the terrain to give you accurate measurements to different targets as you move abut your field of view.

Hit the Course With the Hottest Golf Gadget yet!

Readings of either meters or yards can be obtained with just a click of a button.

With the Tour-S you will get 7x magnification with range from 5 yards to 1200 yards.

The OLED Red Display not only is easy to read but gives you yardage plus the degree of incline or decline.

Take the Best on Your Next Round

The ergonomic design makes the Tour-S easy to handle and transport. Don’t be fooled by the modes and slopes and P.A.T. features because it is very easy to use no matter how you plan on using it. Rainy or foggy conditions are not a problem with the Tour-S. No need to worry about getting it wet because it is water resistance. The Tour-S also comes with a hard shell carrying case to keep it safe from damage while transporting to and from the course.


The Callaway Tour-S Laser Rangefinder utilizes and combines Callaway’s most advanced optics technology all in one device. This is capable of providing distance measurements to virtually any target, quickly and accurately.

If your are the type of golfer that wants to know exactly where you are on the course in relation to any target within your field of view than the Tour-S is the rangefinder for you.

Most rangefinders take a CR2 battery which is a lithium ion. The batteries are not cheap but they should last a long time. I use mine on practically every shot from tee to green and play four to five days a week and the battery last all year for the most part. So the battery cost is not an issue for me.

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