Choosing The Right Ball For Your Game – Can You Be Playing The Wrong Compression Ball?

Choosing the right ball for your game maybe is the last thing on your list to decide. If your’re an avid golfer, its a good possibility that your have gone some level of club fitting of some sort in the last decade. Maybe with just the out of sight expensive driver or maybe your irons but most likely never your wedges or your putter.

But what about a ball fitting?

Take a look at your bag and the money your have invested in your club does it seem a little silly to overlook the number one item involved in every swing? Depending on your level of comment to obtain the perfect setup your can spend form as little as 20 minutes to sever hours hitting different brand and compression of golf balls to arrive at your optimum ball for your swing.

You are spending a huge amount on your clubs if your are at all interested in playing at your best level. So why would your ignore the type of ball your are playing just because that is what your favorite tour player uses our your weekend foursome uses?

Know your speed

Going through a proper fitting involves hitting every club in your bag to find a ball that’s receptive around the green but also produces enough ball speed and an ideal launch with the irons and metalwoods to keep up with your buddies. Back in the day you had 3 choices of balls rated by compression. Ladies 85 compression, average player 90 compression and low handicap and tour player 100 compression. It was an easy choice then but now, wow, there are hundreds of choices of brands, compression, spin rates, launch angle, material composition, and color(lol, that has no bearing on our discussion).

If you’re looking for a good place to start, take a look at your swing speed the next time your get on a launch monitor. Depending on if your swing speed comes in above or below 105 mph, you could benefit from a ball with a firmer or softer compression.

Low compression balls typically fall somewhere in the 70 to 80 range and are intended for players who swing slower and need help to compress the ball to achieve the proper launch and spin rate. A ball with a compression of 90 or above is designed for the higher swing speed golfer — think single-digit handicapper or Tour player — who can effectively compress the ball at impact.

Can playing the wrong compression ball affect my game?

While it can vary from player to player, there are a number of benefits that can be found from using a softer compression ball if you are a slow to average swinger.

Using a softer ball that’s more appropriate for your swing speed, when struck, velocity should increase, because it is easier to compress the ball and also the spin goes down increasing distance. So you have better compression, more speed, less spin (off the driver) and a better launch angle.

On the downside, using a higher compression ball with a slower swing speed has an adverse effect on ball action because you can not compress the core of the ball affecting the speed, spin and launch.

Center Hit Contact

Knowing your swing speed and your ability to compress the ball core is only one aspect to playing the correct ball. What is your quality of contact? Do you always have center contact on the club face? Or as 75% of players who miss hit to some degree from center. So, even if your swing speed is over 105 and you miss hit 75% of the time you can benefit for a softer ball.

I Don’t Have Time For Ball Fitting

Unless you are really crunching numbers to cut strokes most of us don’t have time for a couple hours on ball fitting. If you’re in the market for a new driver and you are getting fit for it on a launch monitor use different compression and brand of balls, This will give you and idea of the compression and type ball your should use.

Another option is when you’re playing a practice round you could utilize different compression balls and see which gives you your  best ball flight and distance and also touch around the green.

Bottom Line

The game of golf is varied and difficult to understand all the varieties out there for your to utilize in playing the game. Manufactures put forward a whole spectrum of choices of everything needed to play the game. Every item is designed to help your play the best golf that your can. Knowing how each interacts with each other is utmost in being able to play your best.


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