Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges – Short Game Game Improvement Wedges

Cleveland CBX2 Wedges are the perfect game improvement wedges for the higher handicap players who use game improvement clubs and are struggling with their short game.

The CBX2 were designed with a lighter hosel, a tapered flange, a wider toe, and a new Hollow Cavity design. The hollow cavity designs results in the center of gravity (CG) where you hit the ball. That means straighter shots that go farther and feel better and It offers more forgiveness.

The paradox of the golf equipment world is that everybody has the ability to go out and purchase the same clubs their favorite pros play week in and week out on the PGA Tour, but should they? The fact is that most golfers struggle to break 90 on a regular basis. That’s why Cleveland introduced its line of CBX wedges. They are wedges with all the functionality golfers want with the forgiveness that the vast majority of them need.

I think when it comes to golf equipment, most golfers are susceptible to a bit of vanity, whether they are eager to admit it or not. By that token, it’s a breath of fresh air that these wedges don’t have a bunch of design elements that scream “CHECK OUT MY TECH FEATURES!” The clubs have a clean, classic, and razor-sharp look.

The sound of impact is a crisp ‘tock.’ The feel is excellent. Though not as buttery soft as a forged blade-style wedge, the feedback on strike location is evident in the way the ball comes off the club and rolls out on the green, and also in the hands to a greater degree than I expected from a cavity back wedge.

One of the favorite parts about playing golf is being creative around the greens. Deciding what route the ball ought to take to the hole is often a much more nuanced process from 10 yards than it is from 100. Being able to open up the blade and pop it up in the air or hood the face and get it running quickly with equal ease.

On full shots, the CBX 2 gets the ball in the air in a hurry. From the rough or from the fairway, well-struck shots launch very high. A ball struck with less than total precision will get a couple more yards of carry than one struck with a blade-style wedge.

Cleveland Men’s CBX2 Wedge Features

Cleveland CBX2 wedges are designed to better fit the short game of golfers who play cavity back, game improvement irons.

A hollow cavity design near the heel with heavier weight in the toe to maximize perimeter weighting for forgiveness and stability.

Dynamic sole

Dynamic sole grinds are specialized by loft to provide the versatility you need to execute any short game shot.

  • V-shaped sole on 46A-52A lofts.
  • S-shaped sole on 54A and 56A lofts.
  • C-shaped sole on 58A and 60A lofts.

Amazing feel

Feel Balancing Technology places the center of gravity in line with the impact point for enhanced feel and control.

Gelback TPU Insert reduces vibrations for a more pure feel at impact.

Rote face

Fourth generation Rotex face technology is the most aggressive ever with sharper Tour Zip grooves, hotter laser milling, and aggressive face milling for more spin and control, more consistently.

Stock Shaft

Dynamic Golf 115 steel, Rotex graphite for lighter weight feel and performance.

Hollow-cavity Design

Hollow Cavity Design utilizing a hollow cavity near the heel, Cleveland is able to place a heavier weight in the toe to maximize perimeter weighting and MOI for a whole new level of short game forgiveness

Dynamic Sole Grinds

Dynamic Sole Grinds Cleveland takes the guesswork out of picking the right sole grind and bounce for game improvement golfers by matching the sole grind with the loft for the versatility to make any shot in the short game.

Feel Balancing + Gelback Technologies

Feel Balancing Technology better aligns the center of gravity with the impact location while a Gelback TPU Insert reduces vibration for pure feel when you strike the ball.

Fourth-Generation Rotex Face

The fourth edition of Cleveland’s Rotex Face Technology features their sharpest Tour Zip Grooves yet, their most aggressive face milling, and even more precise laser milling. Rotex 4 provides more spin, more consistently for maximum control in your short game.

Bottom Line

The games of regular golfers look nothing like those of Tour pros, so why should the clubs in our bags look the same?

From my perspective, there’s no reason that a golfer who plays cavity back irons should be playing blade-style wedges when Cleveland has a product like the CBX 2 available.

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