Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid – Brings Back The Gliderails

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid brings back some of Cleveland Golf iconic design elements in a more modern package. If you are looking for a hybrid that can easily handle a variety of lies while providing consistent distances should not skip this one.

You should seriously consider spending your money on the Halo Hybrid instead of that 7-wood that can only hit one kind of shot. We are not always finding our ball in the fairway but in some pretty nasty spots off the fairway, however with the Cleveland HALO it will give you the ability to extricate your ball from all those less than desirable spots.

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Weight Placement

Moving weight lower and deeper in the head helps the golf club hit higher-flighted, softer-landing shots. It also lets you dig balls out of lies where you would normally be reaching for a wedge

Head Design

Golfers familiar with what Cleveland Golf has brought to the market over the last 15 years will probably recognize some technological highlights that the Launcher Halo possesses. That starts with the HiBore crown, which was resurrected during the Launcher HB

Launcher Halo Hybrid
Launcher Halo Hybrid

release in 2017, and differs in look significantly from the original design of the 2005 Halo hybrid. Instead of a massive scoop back crown, there is a softer step down presenting a two-tiered top. Visually a change from the Launcher HB is that the head features a matte finish, which helps camouflage the drop in the crown, whereas the previous release had a racing stripe at that location.

Sole Design

Cleveland designers bring back some tech form the past with the return of gliderails. Gliderails were first used on the old Mashie. On lies that are not the best the three gliderails helps the club move through those sub par lies, which allows the head to move through that tangled mess of rough and gets the ball airborne and achieve more consistent results.

Face Design

Cleveland has also decided to go with a high-strength steel face to provide plenty of ball speed. If you haven’t noticed by all of their recent releases, Cleveland has been working to ramp up the speeds that their latest products produce. The biggest trick with trying to add speed to this sector of clubs is companies have to walk the line to maintain a club that is going to be more than just a bombers club. Hybrids play differently for everyone, so it is crucial to have a well-rounded design.

Overall Looks Over The Ball

As an overall package, the looks of this club behind the ball gives some confidence. Cleveland deserves credit for striking that balance of a hybrid that looks forgiving, without making it look like a smaller fairway wood.


Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight

2 Hybrid 16° 60° 40.75″ D2

3 Hybrid 19° 60.5° 40.25″ D2

4 Hybrid 22° 61° 39.75″ D2

Bottom Line

The Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrid is a very easy to play club. True to the Launcher history, the Halo falls in line as an easy to hit and easy to launch club. Bringing back the gliderail design makes this offering one that should suit a wide range of players. The only thing missing from this offering from Cleveland is a 5-hybrid option, but there are three lofts from which to choose.

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