Clone Golf Clubs vs Knock Off – Are They Right For You

Golf …… Wow that is an expensive game.. Well not really if you are not tied to that next pro line driver at $600. From the clubs to the shoes and cloths and don’t forget balls, tees greens fees oo club membership. Wow you need deep pockets just to get to the first tee box. However you don’t have to buy all the name brand clubs or shoes or any of the other items to play the game well. Check out Clone Golf Clubs.

Most of the time you are really paying for the name on the item. Don’t fall into the trap of buying the name. So, if you are a budget minded golfer let me recommend some clone clubs that you need to take a look at – you might be surprised. Some clone clubs can perform better than the name-brand club. Knowing the difference between clone and knock off is the key cos you really can get burned if you don’t know the difference.

What is the Difference Between Clone and Imitation?

Clones are typically imitation clubs with essentially the same quality and design of those high priced pro line clubs. They sometimes surpass the high priced clubs in some areas.

So the question is why would you be interested in a clone club? Well first they are are cheaper. Remember you are not paying for the brand name. So you are paying only for the club not a name.

So strip away the name and keep the quality and performance. Not every clone will outperform but the good ones that are well-made will compete with the pro line clubs.

Just How do They Compare with Pro Line Clubs?

There has to be more to it than just a logo right? There is not a club factory on every corner so most of the clones are produced right in the same factory that Ping, Callaway and Taylormade are produced. On the same assembly line no less.

Clones fail quality control or have some defects like chips in paint, misaligned shafts and or grip and other quality items that do not affect the performance.

These clubs get into the market and that is where they get their name “clone” clubs. They are not replicas they are exactly the same with small feature defects that do not hender performance.

Because of the defects the clones are sold at a much lower cost often just to cover material, design and labor cost plus a little profit. That can be as much as a 50% reduction in price compared to the name brand clubs.

There are also brands that try to reproduce the technologies used by the pro line companies. The designs may be different and they try similar systems and features to produce a club with the performance of the pro line club.

Buyers are drawn to these club for the much lower price but are lesser known brand names but performance may be as good.

How to Choose Clone Clubs

This can be a little hazardous because their is not a lot of information out their and these smaller companies do not have extensive online sites to explain their design and quality.

Keep these factors in mind when you are choosing the best clones.

Don’t Mess With the Illegal Imitations

Remember I said that clones basically come from the pro line factories. Much different from the illegal imitations are made in low-end factories that try to imitate pro line clubs by using the same design but always utilizing different materials. Resulting in poor quality which gives you poor performance.

They are illegal because they breach copyrights and trademarks. The producer aims to fool buyers by using the brand logos to defraud the buyer into thinking they are originals.

Clone clubs do have brands but the companies do not try to fool the buyer. These manufacturers have developed their own logos and produce products that are similar without breaching trademarks or copyrights.

What Can You Expect in Pricing

Considering the small defects that you can expect in a clone you can expect at least a 50% reduction in cost. The pro line manufacture seeks to maintain a level of quality among its buyers which results in this reduced cost for a lesser quality.

Keep in mind clones are yes much lower in prick but if the deal seems too good to be true it most likely is, so stay away, it is an illegal imitation club.

Check Out Other Online Reviews

Information is limited on clone clubs but it is out their. Read the reviews and understand the differences and how they perform on the course.

The Best Clone Clubs Out there

Pinemeadow Golf


This is the oldest club manufacturer in the world and is available online thru Amazon for one. They have a wide range of clubs to offer and reviews on each so your internet search may just end their.


Check current pricing on Amazon



Giga Golf Clubs

This company has not been around very long but they do offer competitive clubs as they try to implement technologies used by the name brand companies.

They are often called the Callaway clone golf clubs because their design and tech closely resemble each other. They also offer left-handed clubs.

Exceptionally affordable and impressive after sales support that brings buyer interest for their products.

Diamond Tour Golf Clubs

They offer a great selection of kids clubs for those interested in getting your youngster interested in the game. They are know as the Ping clone golf clubs.

This company is very different in the clone golf market in that they produce kids clubs as will as clubs for the petite woman.

Bottom Line

You don’t really need to spend big bucks to get yourself a good set of clubs. In most cases you can get a full set for half or a third that you would spend on top of the line brand name clubs.