Golf Cart Covers – Extend Your Season


Have you considered Golf Cart Covers to extent you golfing season? Are you ready to store away your clubs for this season? Here In Indiana we have some more good whether to come our way but as the year comes to a close the warm sunny days are over and I am not ready to hand up the clubs.

The cool, cloudy and windy days are ahead and yes some rain. So what do you do when face with wanting to play another round but the whether is not perfect? I have seen guys use there umbrellas, wrap shrink wrap around there carts and put wind screens on the windshield area ( yup carts at my club do not have windshields).

So some inspiring player came up with the idea of putting a cover on there cart and that did the trick for us players that just can’t put the sticks away. So now we have Golf Cart Covers that solves the above issues. No more cold wind and rain to ruin your game.

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Types of Covers

Covers come in basically 3 types. Complete cover for storage, three sided, for carts that have a windshield and four sided. Covers vary in size depending on the size of cart in length and seating capacity.

All covers are very easy to place on cart with mainly elastic straps of some kind and hooks to hold cover on cart at its four corners.

Some brands of covers also come with zip out windshields.

Cover Material

Most Cart Covers are made of high quality polyester fiber that is either water resistant or water repellent and some are listed as waterproof. A close examination of each is important to meet your needs and the type of whether you plan on playing in.

Covers also come in a variety of colors. Blue, Black, Green, and Tan among the most popular.

Cover Window Material

Window material is mostly PVC clear plastic. Most reviews are varied on the visibility of the windows from maker to maker. I have ridden in a few carts with covers and the visibility is varied basically by quality of care. Also the way the cover is stored will have an effect on visibility. Most covers come with a storage bag but care must be taken in folding and placing in storage bag to extend the life of the cover.

Keep in mind price and quality go hand in hand. The more expensive covers you would expect to have better viewing and material quality to match the price. However, if you are only interested in keeping out the cold wind and rain than all covers will do the trick.

Cover Zippers

Zippers are mostly made of steel however I have seen some with brass or some form of plastic. Zipper will continue to work as expected as with other aspects of the cover if you take care of it, it will last and function for many years of use.


Now to make your cover the envy of all your fellow players.

There are a number of accessories you can add to your cart cover but the best one is a heater.


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There are many types of heaters, propane and electric. Both give you from 4000 to 18000 BTU depending on how deep your pockets are.

The Bottom Line

As in any other purchase do your due diligence and match your purchase with your needs. If you are just looking to shield yourself from the wind and cold all will meet your needs. However, if you are a die hard player you need to take into account how it resists water, window viewability and an appropriate heater.

At my club there are no personal carts so sizing would be easy as all carts are the same. If you own your personal cart than be sure the correct brand of cart and size options will meet your need.

Most available cover manufactures offer a warrenty on there product so take some time to be aware of what they cover.

Good shopping in your purchase of your Golf Cart Cover.


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