How to Store Golf Clubs – The Do’s an Don’ts of Golf Club Storage

How to store golf clubs is a good question with a two part answer. Now that colder weather is upon us here in Indiana, some of us are wondering what we should do with our golf clubs for the winter. Actually we should consider this the year around no matter what the weather is at the time.

There are different issues involved in each case that we should take a look at but be advised that I do not buy into either. I have been

My Club Storage
My Van Club Storage

playing golf for over 50 years and my clubs never leave the back of my van unless I am playing a round.  Plus storage includes bad weather clothing I may need.  I have not encountered an issue with this procedure the year around.


Bag Storage
Bag Storage Option

So Let’s take a look at what is being said about how to store your clubs both day-to-day and for a long period and you can decide for yourself what is best for you.

Day-to-Day Golf Club Storage

Ok, your not worried about storing your clubs for months but what about from round-to-round? Will this affect your clubs on how you decide to store your clubs? Some thought on this matter.

Storage in a Car Trunk

I have read in several places that storing clubs in your clubs trunk is not a good idea. They state that clubs will be clanging away picking up scratches and nicks or dents. Wow what kind of driver are you. You be the judge.

Temperatures inside a car trunk can climb close to 200 degrees on hot, sunny days. At those temperatures the epoxy affixing the club head onto the shaft can break down over time.causing the head to twist on a hit or completely come off.

The glue holding the grip in place can also be affected, causing them to twist. This is a possibility depending on your clubs outdoor temperatures however I have not ever had that problem.

Storage in a Garage

Your next option for short term storage is putting clubs in your clubs garage or apartment. Not including lugging them in and out of your clubs vehicle and the storage are you use it requires some planning ahead for your clubs next round. Just make sure clubs and bag are dry.

If moisture tends to build up in your clubs garage, then take your clubs inside your clubs home. High humidity can lead to rust. Heat build-up in garages doesn’t reach the same temperatures as it does in a car trunk, so epoxy and resin breakdown shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure your clubs and bag interior are dry before leaving them in the garage for a few days. Also, make sure your clubs are clean and dry. This includes your clubs grips. However, if you make sure your clubs club heads and grips are clean after every shot this extra step is not necessary.  It’s amazing how many golfers play with dirty dirt packed grooves and expect to hit good shots.

Long-Term Golf Club Storage

What about long-term golf club storage—for several months or more? Maybe you’re putting your clubs away for the winter; maybe an illness prevents you from playing; or other long-term obligations make it clear you won’t need your clubs for a while. How do you store golf clubs for several months or more?

Forget about the trunk of your clubs car. Get those clubs out of there!

A garage or storage facility? If the location is humidity- and temperature-controlled, yes. Otherwise, no.

For long-term storage, bring those golf clubs into your clubs home, or put them in some other interior location that is dry and temperature-controlled.

Before you store golf clubs over the long term, give them a cleaning. Clean the club heads and grips and wipe down the shafts. Let them completely dry before placing the clubs back into the golf bag. (And make sure the interior of your clubs golf bag is dry before replacing the clubs.)

If your clubs golf bag came with a rain cover, place that cover over the top of the bag. And then find a corner of a closet or a room—some place out of the way where the bag won’t be getting knocked around—and put the clubs away.

If your clubs garage is not temperature-controlled, then don’t store golf clubs there over a winter. Constant exposure to cold won’t damage the club head or shaft, but could dry out the grips and cause them to harden or crack.


Bottom Line

Don’t leave your clubs in the car trunk. The garage is fine for a few days at a time so long as your clubs are dry and clean. But if you want to be absolutely golf club storage choice, bring the clubs into your clubs house or apartment, clean them and dry them off. Inside your clubs home, there is no chance of heat affecting grips or epoxies.

So what is your clubs opinion about your clubs club storage?

Leave your clubs questions, comments and suggestions below and have a great golfing season.

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