Square Strike Wedge – Cut Strokes from Your Golf Game Fast

Do you have problems chipping and pitching? The Square Strike Wedge may be what you are looking for to cut those unnecessary strokes from your game. Games are won and lost from one hundred yards and in to the hole so being able to get the ball close and down in two shots is a real game changer.

If you’re tired of racking up strokes from inconsistent pitching and chipping, and you would like to start rattling the pin (or holing out) from just off the green instead, then the Square Strike Wedge is the club for you.

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If you have problems knowing what club to chip and pitch with or just an inconsistency of getting the ball close than you should check out The Square Strike Wedge.

Nearly Impossible To Hit It Fat

The Square Strike Wedge pitching wedge has an extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge that prevents digging. No more chunked pitch and chip shots that will reduce wasted strokes. Heavy, solid feel

Anti-Chunk Sole
Wide Sole

promotes greater confidence vs thin-faced wedges that dig and rotate. Less rotation with the Square Strike Wedge golf wedge for men and women makes clean contact easier and much more consistent.

Easier Swing Motion VS Traditional Wedge

The square strike wedge golf club for men and women has a putter-like length of 35.5 inches, and putter-like lie angle, of 68 degrees, plus anti-rotational weighting make it easy to swing and control. No opening your stance or the club face just use a simple straight-back-


straight-through, putter-like stroke for greater control and much more accuracy. Use this chipping wedge to chip it close from a variety of lies, Perfect for bump and runs



More Effective Than Chipping With Your 7-Iron

The Shorter length of this golf wedge for men and women makes it easier to control, no gripping down. Our golf wedge for men and women has a heavier club head, 330 grams, which allows it to glides smoothly through the turf and minimizes overactive hands and wrists, a leading cause of fat and thin chip shots.

Club Aim and Setup

Extra weight moved to the toe keeps club square vs rotating through impact like traditional wedges. More loft than a 7-or 8-iron for wider variety of shots, not just low runners.

Precisely Centered COG & High MOI

By moving mass to the toe, the designers achieved two more key enhancements. The Square Strike’s COG (center of gravity) is located precisely in the center of the clubface – and marked by a

Precisely-Centered COG

vertical line – while its MOI (moment of inertia) is higher than a typical wedge. Result: The SSW delivers deadly accuracy on pure contact, and exceptional forgiveness on miss-hits. Test golfers hit shot after shot directly in line with the target.


The Square Strike Wedge is Legal for Tournament Play

The square strike wedge golf clubs for men and women conforms to the rules of golf. Give yourself and edge without breaking any rules with this chipping and pitching wedge.

Bottom Line

This could become your favorite club in your bag when you need to chip it close to save par. Just use your normal putting stroke and pop it close for that one put.

With a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects the Square strike wedge chipping wedge has a high-quality construction backed by unbeatable warranty.

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