The Best Golf Ball Pick up Device – To Save Your Back and Knees

Are you getting older and find you can’t touch your toes much less bend down another six inches to retrieve you golf ball from the cup? Or maybe you have some physical issue like bad back or knees or hips that keeps you from that long reach to reteieve your ball?

I have put together a few golf ball pick up devices that will make your game a little more enjoyable, not having to do the painful bend 18 plus times a round.

Scramble Pic Golf Ball Retriever with Magnetic

My number one pick is the Scramble Pic Golf Ball Retriever with Magnetic Golf Cart Fastener. This retriever main use is picking up golf balls without getting out of your cart. Its just the right length for this job and best usage during a scramble event. Not really made for retrieving a ball from the cup it will make the job a lot easier.

Very sturdily built with a suction cup on the end to grab the ball and a magnetic to attach to golf cart for easy storage and retrieval when needed.

Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-up

The Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-up fits almost any putter grip and highly engineered to retrieve your golf ball after a putt is made. The Nickel Putter Ball Pick-up is a far more superior alternative to the suction cup pick up. This discrete golf ball pick-up enables you to retrieve our golf ball without bending over. The Nickel ball puck-up attaches easily to almost every golf putter within minutes, by use of the hole in the butt-end of putter grip.

Opening for use requires a single thumb motion, and it closes just as easy. When not in use, the Ball Pick-up looks and feels like a natural extension of the golf putter’s shaft. The patented design allows golfers to retrieve the ball quickly and securely out of the cup without bending over.

The only user complaint I have read was the spring that deploys the fingers and holding pressure weakens over time.

The 4-prong Golf Ball Retriever Grabber is a light-weight item, ergonomic golf ball retriever device. It can be attached to a round handle golf grip and allows the golfer to retrieve their golf ball from not only the cup or any location where the ball lies.

The 4-prong retriever slips over the ball and grabs it for easy removal and saves on the back. The attached retriever does not interfere with your putting stroke.

The product is an ideal solution for seniors, people with back, hip or knee problems, arthritis, or other medical conditions.

ELVES Golf Ball Pick-up Suction Cup

Quality and style make sure that you don[t have to keep losing the ball after every grab, it is one retriever, well-designed to ensure no slips of ball. Suction Cup slips over butt-end of putter grip when in use and can be removed as needed. Even installed it does not interfere with the putting motion.

Constructed of unrivaled quality rubber material is soft and elastic. The innovative rubber cup on the end is perfectly sized to fit most putter grips. No buttons or levers or mechanisms to wear out. Simply slip it over the butt-end of putter grip and press it down over the ball and retrieve.

Brccee AC 6 Pack Golf Ball Pick-Up Tool

Comming in last on my list is the Brccee AC, which is a much cheaper version of the Nickel version above and comes in a 6 pack.

Engineered for ease of use to make picking the ball up seem effortless. No more bending to retrieve your ball.

Installs with just three little screws that secure it to the end of your putter. Press to release the claw to pick up and fold it back to secure claws.

The synthetic materials ensure high durability, lightweight and handy to carry. Easily attaches to the butt-end of putter grip.

Bottom Line

Any and all of the pick-up devices will function as describe and will give you playing rounds of enjoyment of not having to bend over to retrieve your ball.

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