The Golf Drizzle Stik – Saves Your Blood Pressure When it Rains

Ever been out playing a round of golf and it starts to sprinkle. You don’t want your sticks to get wet so what do you do?? In years past I would put my towel over the clubs(I always have one clipped to my bag). Do you use your regular umbrella or try to find your bag hood, now what pocket did I put it in the last time I used it, woo its nasty smelling. Now try to get it snapped onto the bag, which way does it go on, I am getting wet.

Stop the hassle and get you a DrizzleStik. So Handy to stow and deploy and keeps your clubs dry as you continue on with your round hoping it does not rain harder.

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DrizzleStik Features

First it has a telescoping shaft, which when collapsed, allows it to fit into a long bag pocket or unobtrusively amongest your clubs. Additional model comes with a flex shaft that allows easy club access and removal and return to bag.

Second, the handle is a golf grip, the tackiness of which keeps the DrizzleStik from blowing out of your bag.

Third, its small size fits perfectly over your clubs and bag, even when two bags are side-by-side on a cart.

Forth, a patented interior lining keeps clubs from getting snagged on the DrizzleStik’s ribs.

DrizzleStik Usage

The DrizzleStik is best suited for bags carried on a cart. Those players walking and carrying their bag will find that at the carry angle rain will get between the hood and bag opening and clubs will get wet. According to some Senior PGA Tour caddies any minor gap is covered by his rain jacket or that wet towel we always have. Without a caddie, walkers will have to deal with something extra to assist the DrizzleStik or revert to that old bag hood and those pesky snaps.

DrizzleStik Specifications

  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Protect your clubs – durable nylon material with patented deep canopy design and protective inner liner protects you golf clubs from rainy weather
  • Extendable club-like shaft – it has a telescoping umbrella shaft is 55″ extended length and 36″ collapsed length made for easy storage in golf bag side pockets
  • Spring top – the spring top allows the canopy to pivot in any direction to pull you club out or reinsert in your golf bag
  • Classic rubber golf grip – classic rubber golf grip, allows golfers of all skill levels to quickly and effectively protect their golf clubs for rainy weather
  • Perfect girt – the drizzlestik flex is a perfect gift for your favorite golf enthusiast

Bottom Line

I have had a DrizzleStik in my bag for a number of years. It Fits neatly in my bag side pocket and is there whenever I get that light to heavy rain and it does keep my clubs dry. There are many other golf bag umbrellas out there but I don’t think they have the spring swivel shaft for easy removal of a golf club.