The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool – To Up Your Game

Have you ever been lining up your putt and right in your line is a pitch mark? The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool is your answer to get rid of that make and insure you have a smooth surface to roll your ball into the hole.

Pitch marks are something that should not be present on any putting surface if the players in front of you would fix their marks and one other, and you of course do the same. However this is not the case because a lot of players seem to ignore their damage to the putting surface. If they had the PitchFix Divot Repair Tool in their pocket it would be a snap to fix it pronto. A couple jabs into the turf and a tap down and the surface is good as new for the next player.

The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool

The PitchFix Divot Repair Tool is lightweight and is made of aluminum covered with rubberized grip. It has a removable ball marker that is attached by a magnet. It is easy to use to repair ball marks by pressing a button and repair prongs spring out like a switch-blade knife. The prongs are hardened steel and provide excellent leverage to repair the mark. I have had a number of tool in the past from plastic to steel and they all bend and or break from use. The PitchFix tool has not succumbed to use and will not bend or break. It works well in all types of turf from sandy to a combo of soil and sand.

PitchFix Divot Repair Tool Options

The PitchFix tool comes in a variety of options and colors to suit your needs.

Each designed to fix any type of ball mark in varying types of soil.

So Whatever your ball divot problem is PitchFix has you covered in the right tool to fix it.

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Bottom Line

I have carried and used my PitchFix for a number of years and wish all players had one in their pocked to fix their ball marks and another for the enjoyment of the player coming behind them.

I would be interested any and all comments about the PitchFix tool or any other golf related comment in the space provided below.