The Swing Jacket – Can It Really Fix Your Swing?

The Swing Jacket was developed after studying all the best ball strikers of all time including Ben Hogan. They all possessed two core fundamentals. Their power and consistency are built on two main fundamentals:

The Swing Jacket is a golf swing training aid
Swing Training Aid


From start of the takeaway to the top of their backswing and thru impact all their swings stayed on a consistent swing plane. Actually their swings are really quite simple. Which, makes them easy to repeat.

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What are the best ball strikers known for?? Their whole movement is completely in sync with the rotation of the torso. Rotation generates centrifugal force = increased club head speed = the club releases naturally = square impact = the great distance and accuracy.

So How Do Todays Golfers Memorize A Better Swing

We can see how our favorite players on TV struggle from time to time. Heck even us average players hit and very good shot and the next day or even the next swing is not even close to being good. Tiger Woods struggled for years trying to regain his lost form. He called the exercise of trial and error, different coaches, different swing thoughts, different…”The Process”.

The “Process”is not very effective for most golfers. Now their is a far better way to learn a consistently repeatable swing like Hogan. A swing that you do without thinking about it, because the Swing Jacket forces you to repeat a Hogan-like swing to create mussel memory without doing the “Process”.

What is Wrong With The Amateur’s Swing

Amateurs’ tend to slap at the ball with their hands and arms, their neither connected nor on-plane. The result is their shots are neither powerful nor accurate, plus their swing is way too complicated.

Before You Can Repeat a Good Swing You Have To FEEL IT

When you FEEL how an efficient, easy-to-repeat swing actually feels and you repeat it consistently – shot after shot -your body will memorize that swing in minutes.

When you develop a Hogan-like connected, on-plane swing – a swing based on the core fundamentals of the best ball strikers – you’ll get results instantly – regardless of your age, sex, athleticism – no matter what.

The only way to dramatically improve your game is to memorize a better swing. The only way to achieve that is to consistently repeat that swing. Until now taking lessons, watching videos of your swing, watching instructional videos and collect reams of data from the latest launch monitor, but none of these teach you how to repeat that perfect swing.

Have you noticed that it is so much easier to swing the club the wrong way and so hard to swing the club on-plane and connected and produce a consistent shot? And that when you do hit that perfect shot you are wondering what you did to produce it. All to often you revert back to your old swing and your handicap remains stuck right where it seems it’s always been.

The Swing Jacket

The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency from shot to shot and from session to session needed to lock your powerful, accurate new swing into muscle memory. No complicated swing thought, no trying to figure it out on your own. You just put it on and let it do all the work, all the thinking for you.

We know the Swing Jacket is going to deliver the distance, the accuracy and most importantly the consistency and confidence you’ve wanted since you took up the game.


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