Top 10 Golf Club Wedges

Have you ever been buried in the sand or caught among the tall grass of the rough??? You will be glad you have one of these golf club wedges in your bag. These wedges off excellent lift and spin control to drop the shot close to the pin for that easy par. Plus they are durable enough to take the heat for your being in that tall grass or the deep bunker.

10. Tour Edge TGS

The Tour Edge TGS has a TPE insert that serves a dual purpose.  First, it improves your feel of the ball,helping to increase your control.  Second, it dampens the vibrations, so your wrists and shoulders won’t pay the price of a long day on the links.


Triple-grind sole

Pear-shaped head

Swing weight is a bit heavy


Brand Tour Edge

Model N3Irsu58

Ship Weight 16 ounces

Rating 4.1/5.0

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9. Cleveland Smart Sole 3.0

Women looking to improve their mid-range lobs would do well to consider
the Cleveland Smart Sole 3.0. It offers efficient turf interaction, getting solid contact without digging in, increasing play ability from a
variety of lies around the green.


Slight toe-heavy weight

Flexible graphite shaft

Only available in two lofts – 42 and 58 deg

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8. Pinemeadow Pre Pack

Coming as a set of three, the Pinemeadow Pre Pack is an ideal value option for somebody on a tight budget who is trying to round out their club collection. B0042P6XTGPinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre 4 Wedge Set, Right Hand, Steel, Regular, 52, 56, 60, 64Whether you need to chip from the fairway to the
green or escape a sand trap, it has you covered.


Low to mid kick point

Wide sole that narrows near the toe

Lofts range from 52 to 60 degrees


Brand Pinemeadow Golf

Model 11264

Ship Weight 4 pounds

Rating 4.3/5.0

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7. Cobra Golf King Black One

The Cobra Golf King Black One is touted as having the  company’s most durable black satin finish ever, so you can expect it to still look good after years of use. Unlike most clubs these days, the face on this has been thickened in an attempt to provide a better feel.



Wide and shallow grooves

Variable face roughness

Matches 7 iron length and weight


Brand Cobra Golf


Ship weight 1.1 pounds

Rating 3.8/5.0

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6. Mizuno S18

The head shape of the Mizuno S18 is slightly altered in every different loft to calibrate it to best suit the needs of its specific performance requirements. As the lofts increase, mass is moved toward the bottom of the blade to improve flight control and spin.

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5. Callaway Mack Daddy 4

The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 utilizes micro-bumps, in addition to traditional grooves, to enhance the face’s friction. The result is the ability to produce a near uncanny amount of spin, yet it still conforms to tour regulations.


Slightly rounded head shape

Forgiving of off-center hits

Works well in tall grass


Brand Callaway Mack Daddy 4

Model pending

Ship Weight pending

Rating 4.1/5.0

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4. Cobra Golf King Mim

One close-up look at the Cobra Golf King Mim and you’ll immediately understand this is no ordinary club. It has a perfect spiral face mill pattern with constant pitch and spacing rotating outward from the center that creates a consistent friction across the entire surface.


Made by metal-injection molding

Softer than cast and forged steel

High toe relief for delicate shots


Brand Cobra

Model pending

Ship Weight 1.1 pounds

Rating 4.0/5.0

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3. TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe

The TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe has an unusual shape that makes it excellent for getting out of bunkers and any other near-green shot where you need to go vertical. A concave sole allows it to sit close to the ground and really get under the ball.


Steep-walled grooves

Large contact area

Well-placed center of gravity


Brand Unknown

Model pending

Ship Weight pending

Rating 4.7/5.02.

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2. Wilson Harmonized

The celebrated Wilson Harmonized is designed to be played with an open face. This allows it to produce short lobs that stop precisely, helping you to drop your shots near the hole without worrying about too much unwanted roll after it lands.


Classic Blade shape

Comfortable weight and feet

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1. Cleveland RTX 4

The deep grooves on the Cleveland RTX 4 offers a surface roughness that makes it easy to put some serious spin on the ball. If you have trouble getting your chips to stop rolling near the pin, this should help shave a couple of strokes off your game.


Sleek black finish

Available in four sole grinds

Laser-milled face


Brand Cleveland Golf

Model pending

Ship Weight pending

Rating 4.5/5.0

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Understanding Wedges in General

The pitching wedge is the most common wedge and has a loft between 44 and 50 degrees. Pitching wedges and be used for full shots around the green and longer chip shots. Pitching wedges typically have a range of between 110 and 140 yards depending on the players’ ability.

The sand wedge was arguably invented by Gene Sarazen in 1935. As he began to win tournaments the club gained popularity and the rest is history. Basically what he did was take a pitching wedge and grind the sole to create a lot more bounce which allowed it to skim the top of the sand rather than dig in. They also became very useful around the putting surface from tight lies to deep rough.

Sand Wedges typically have a loft of between 54 and 58 degrees and have a shorter shaft than other wedges. The average player can expect distance of about 90 yards with a sand wedge.

The Gap Wedge, as the name implies, fills the gap in distance between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. Usually having a loft from 50 to 53 degrees. The average player can expect shots to travel from 90 to 110 yards.

Lob Wedges have the highest loft ranging from 60 to 64 degrees and travel about 70 yards. They are very useful around the green when short distance is needed and to get the ball to stop without much roll out.

What is bounce?

In addition to face angle, or loft, the bounce on a wedge makes it perform or how it plays. It’s the element of the design of the sole width, leading edge, rock and camber that makes this club so useful. These innovations determine how deeply the sole digs into the turf or sand thereby dictating how much it stops your swing’s momentum. Wedges with a lot of space between the ground and the leading edge when in the address position have a high bounce, those with little space have a low bounce.

Do You Really Need Three Wedges???

Does it really matter what wedge I have in my bag or how many? Especially if I am not that good of a player. It’s been said by some really good players’ over the years that the most important clubs in your bag is the putter, driver and the wedge in that order. The ability to utilize each of these clubs during your game will cut countless strokes off your game.

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