What Is Yips? – Maybe Some Weight Can Help

Image showing what some golfers try to solve the yeps
What we will do to rid us of the yeps

The putting yips — in layman’s terms — is the inability to make a smooth, rhythmic putting stroke. Most teaching pros and sports psychologists agree that the yips originate in the mind, and whether it’s due to a psychological or neurological issue, when you have the yips the body and brain just don’t cooperate.

Having the yips results in a herky-jerky, sometimes quick/sometimes slow, off-rhythm putting stroke that wreaks havoc on your ability to roll putts consistently.

I think all golfers at one time or another suffer for a time with the yips. As we age the hands don’t stay as steady and we would like causing a lot of missed putts.

Without some form of cure the yips can reek havoc on your game. Maybe even to the point of you giving up the game. Maybe an idea I just read about could solve your problem and get you back in the game.

I am talking about adding some weight to your existing putter or maybe going to a new heavier putter. It has worked for a number of other players who have suffered with the yips, maybe it will work for you as well.

Let us see what the options are and how to adjust your putter to solve your problem.

Make The Putter Head Heavier

The easiest and fastest way to make a putter feel heavier is to add weight to the putter head. If you have a model that has adjustable weights than it’s easy, if not, you may need to use lead tape. And while there’s no rule of thumb for what’s a good amount of lead tape to add, just know that for every 2 grams of lead tape added to the putter, you add one swingweight point. A heavier putter head makes the putter feel heavier and more like a pendulum, helping you make a smoother stroke.

Another Option Is To Add Weight To The Grip

Most people don’t consider adding weight to the grip end of the putter, but doing so can help balance things out for a more unified feel. This process is called “counter-balancing,” meaning you add weight at the grip end to offset the weight of the putter head. It effectively improves the whole putter’s MOI for more consistency, especially on off-center putts. It’s also a good way to quiet down the hands

The way I solved this problem was I installed a Super Stroke  Fatso 5.0 Grip to my putter. It made a huge impact on my stroke and improved my confidence over those short must make putts for par.

Ya I know, it is a very big grip and most playing partners comment on how do I hold onto it but when they see my ball go into the cup the snide comments stop.

You Can Also Add Weight To Both Head And Grip

Adding weight to both ends of the putter will make it heavier (obviously), and a heavier putter will have a high MOI. This will help to engage the bigger muscles in the putting stroke.

And Yes You Can Add Weight To The Shaft

One way to add weight to a putter and effectively “deaden” the feel and to neutralize a putter head that feels too heavy, is to add sand to the putter shaft. This one isn’t quite as easy as lead tape, but do able if you have a small funnel, some sand and a means to ensure the sand stays packed in and won’t come loose. I would suggest making a bigger hole in the grip end of handel. Big enough to pour sand into. Insert desired amount of sand into shaft and than pour in some hot wax to hold sand in position (per the Rules of Golf, of course).

Bottom Line

Hopefully adding weight to your putter will help you with your putting woes like it did mine.

Most pro shops have demo putters so select a heaver feeling putter and try it out or go to a retail golf shop and try different models and see what happens. You might start loving the game again.

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